Features fishing in March

March is the first month in which there is activation of a bite. Features fishing this time of year, who and what to catch?

This happy for all fishermen almost all species of fish become much more active, the ice is thin, there are thawed and open water areas where it is successfully possible to catch as spinning, and on the float rod. Where possible fishing ground, are less common. In March comes a noticeable increase in daylight and is raising the temperatures.

When fishing from the ice no need to constantly clean the hole from the formed ice crust. Every day there is a noticeable strengthening of the bite. Fish feeling the spring begins to leave the pit of winter, comes closer to shore and in more shallow areas of the pond. When this occurs, the Association of individuals in large flocks that move to the mouths of rivers and streams, where there are a large number of different foods.
With the onset of the thaw a fish rise nearly under the ice, so most fishing takes place in half-waters or two feet from the surface.


At this time, the pike begins to actively prepare for the spawning season, March can be called a true magic month. Before spawning, it can be found throughout the pond, she was actively moving. Sometimes say, “Pike breaks spawn”, while it rises under the ice, where it can be fished as a minnow and a tadpole.

Particularly effective at this time tackle for pike are imitation fish, however when installing them, you should consider some seasonal features. Place choose shallow: 0.5 to 1.5 meters. The gear set so that the bait was almost at the top.

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In March the perch on the activity of the fish, just behind the pike. It fishing also takes place almost under the ice, where he goes in search of young, energetic bite, the lure is enough at once.

And this is the time to bite the biggest perch, the weight of which sometimes reaches more than one kilogram. The most successful nozzle on the perch at this time would be the little spoon or fry. As a variant of the bait as suitable eyes or brush his insides. However on a bait takes mostly small perch. Better to catch near the shore, at a distance of 10 – 20 meters. If the depth of the fishery is large enough, it is possible to approach the shore closer. The main indicator of the presence of perch is the presence of shoals of fry.


Fishing for walleye also aktiviziruyutsya with the first warm days. It is possible to catch as the ice and patches of open water. While fishing for walleye in March, takes place with the use of artificial bits or live fish. Live bait for walleye need to be large enough. It would be better if roach caught on the pond. As soon as the ice will recede enough from shore, walleye can be caught on spinning. Well it takes at this time on the large spoon or Wobbler. However, it is advisable to put steel line, as the piece can take and pike.


As soon as the water warms up and will increase the number of Sunny days (this usually occurs towards the middle of March) starts the mass yield of bream from wintering holes. Usually bream moves from the pit to the place where he was fed in the summer, here on this trail and have to ambush. In March, the bream usually prefers bloodworms to all other nozzles. They need to stick a large bundle, bound together with gum. Alternatively you can try and maggots, which is the spring head on bream. Fishing in March at the bream is still at a great distance from the shore, closer to shore it is only after all the ice will come down. The main tackle is winter fishing rod with a nod or a float.

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