Fishing equipment

The clothing of the fisherman can be very diverse. It is important that it be light, not constraining movements angler and painted in a protective, soft colors.

Linen in warm seasons desirable canvas, it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Of knitted underwear can recommend a chlorine, are particularly useful for those suffering from neurological diseases. In cold weather it is best wool underwear tight-knit.

In summer, over the bra, good to wear cotton shirt khaki turn-down collar and unbutton to bottom.

Pants prefer to have an ordinary, they can be worn on the issue and, if necessary, to fill in the boots. For summer fishing the best should recognize the pants of a lightweight tarp. In the cold season for them should be worn, not thick wool and, in extreme cases, ski pants. Spring and autumn essential quilted padded coat, in Northern areas it will not be superfluous and summer. Not bad to have in addition a wool sweater.

The angler in case of rain should definitely get a coat of lightweight canvas or waterproof fabric. The last impenetrable with rain, light and portable, but after washing loses its most valuable property, and begins to get wet. The cloak can be in the form of capes, better if it will be with sleeves and of course with a hood.

Special attention should be paid to shoes. When warm and dry, it is applicable to sandals, sports shoes. In wet weather a lot of people use ski shoes or lighter shoes. If you have to walk on water or at high dew grass, rubber boots are indispensable. They are easy, and most importantly — do not allow moisture. Leather — barren — boots are heavy and wet.

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When using rubber footwear it is necessary to take two or three numbers more than ordinary size, to invest in it felt or felt insoles and wear on feet woolen socks and woolen socks.

Footcloths need to have two pairs, replacing and drying them as needed.

Of great importance headdress. Summer is the most convenient lightweight cap with large visor that protects the eyes from sunlight. In spring and autumn good woolen ski hat with movable ears.

Carrying spare fishing tackle, food, caught fish essential crossbody bag. The goods in different bags, Agdash is distributed evenly on both shoulders, prevents the angler to move quickly tire him. The backpack needs to be big enough not to get wet and have securely attached and wide, not cutting the shoulder straps.

Urban angler, who often have to travel a long distance from the pond to the house, it is helpful to have a waterproof oilcloth pouch. It is placed slightly zavetrivshiesya fish and then placed in a shoulder bag without fear that other things will otmoknut and worse. If the house is near the pond, the catch is better placed in pruteanu basket in her fish and the longer it is kept ventilated.

If fishing trips for the day or longer, it is recommended to have a bowler hat or a soldier’s manescu in order to cook soup, soup, porridge or boil the tea. Taking bowler, we must not forget an enamel mug and a wooden spoon. Of course, always needed a knife.

For storage of fishing accessories, nozzles, food should be used or a tight-fitting boxes, drawstring cloth bags.

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Wrap anything in paper is not recommended — it usually leads to the fact that salt is mixed with sugar, and hooks stuck in the bread. Spare matches have zaparafinit or store in waterproof box.

All that is required to carry Fisher, to provide hard, it depends on the organisation of fishing (boat, shore, running by the way), far from home, and if far, what is possible to arrange overnight accommodation, etc.

When fishing in a few days is reasonable to have a tent, a hatchet and an electric torch; with long pedestrian crossings in unfamiliar places need compass; in the presence of significant water areas useful dark glasses; in large bodies of water, fishing from a boat, it is impossible to do without rescue funds;

in places, teeming with mosquitoes, the angler will be penalized if

forget dietilftalat; caught in a long campaign a lot of fish will be complaining about the lack of salt.

In conclusion, it has to say about remedies. Healthy

man enough to have a sterile bandage, a vial of iodine and maybe headache tablets. Patients should

consult with a doctor and see what medications they may be necessary.

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