Fishing for carp: bait and bait

Carp – fish is not all, it can be identified apart. Carp like domesticated, but hooked angler shows his violent nature. Compared to bream and bass is a different temperament of the fish. Carp can grow to huge sizes, with that little which fish can match. Weighing up to 2 pounds (32 kg) carp very graceful.

Carp has many human qualities: short temper, cunning, good-natured, People have domesticated carp, having received several wonderful breeds, one of which is the mirror carp.

The carp is a hardy fish that lives in ponds, rivers and lakes. Even where water quality is not the best, carp finds shelter. As for the food carp, he eats almost everything but she still prefers rich and delicious food. Omnivorous that is a good quality carp. And in that noticed the similarity with the person. In his pond carp — master. Carp pike is afraid of only the first 2 years as a teenager. A brave pike you also need to look for that would have the courage to swim up and grab a pound (two-year) of carp.

Carp has a southern origin. In cold water it is slow moving, all of his life processes are very slow, he almost never feeds. Karp starts an active life after winter in early may in Central Russia. There is a perception that before blossom lilac and after ripening Rowan carp to catch are not worth it – it’s a waste of time.

Carp like to jump out of the water. Escaping from a net, he does it in critical situations. Seen that before feeding the carp begins to frolic and jump out of the water. To determine the exact location of the upcoming feeding the carp on such easy jumps.

Very often on grassy lake, where a carp, you can always hear the “tutting noise” carp. Anglers with experience know that it is a carp feeding near the reeds, under the leaves of pods. Such a distinctive sound inherent to carp, he was sucking grass, which a lot of all living creatures.

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Anglers carpatica agree that the bite of a carp reaches a maximum in a short period of time since sunrise.

Methods of carp fishing

Carp are known as smart and strong. Carp are very responsive and insightful. Despite his greed for the stern, it is not easy to wait. Fishermen are also patient and waiting when he honors the attention of their head. Insufficient masking restricts carp in his temptation to throw the hook. Carp is alarmed when he sees a man and the line near the nozzle. Moreover, if the pond many anglers, the carp is also very not like him it’s scary.

The fishermen use sonar also repels carp. Fishing line is also “confused” it to a lesser extent, if a person is not around. In this regard, long casts will be much more efficient. Anglers better to throw from a distance of several meters from the water to the shore. Even broke, not seeing the person, carp will bite more readily than at depth, where it is well visible silhouette and movement of the angler. For this reason, carp like to swim near the shore in a densely overgrown with bushes.

Bait and groundbait for carp fishing

Carp very quickly gets used to any new food, both vegetable and animal. The new nozzle they do not cause too long eating habits. Fishing silkworm cocoons and on the whole Beulah based fishing for carp. The pellet special fish feed – carp willing to bite. Of course, the fish need to feed, throw the bait near the scene of the jumping carp.

Groundbait for carp is made from various options of the cereal mixture. For example, as foods cook together corn, peas, barley. Corn will come down and canned. Can flavor the bait with cocoa powder and roasted and then crushed peanuts. It is very popular with the carp.

Carp are partial to the dung worm. In recent times it is increasingly catching carp on boilies. So what is a boilie? This boiled flour dumplings with many additives that are suitable for the bait and the nozzle. Boilies can be quite dense and sink. Sometimes find the use of a floating boilie. They are sold in specialized stores, but it is very interesting to cook them myself.

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With regard to test, it is better to prepare pancake flour, adding raw eggs. Carp will not be able to resist that pastry. As bait flavour used dry thyme. Dough rolled dumpling, a small sausage, cut them into portions and make balls. Then they are boiled until cooked, a little salt.

Good head of carp boiled potatoes. Need to small tubers or cut into cubes, while remaining soft enough, firmly sitting on the hook.

Anglers sportsmen have a special honor to carp, they annually organize sports competitions on fishing. No any other fish is just not celebrated as carp. Anglers are preparing a separate carp tackle with special hooks. Because instance, weighing 10-16 kg are not easy to pick up. What is more difficult then to keep a traditional single hook and fishing line.

There is a perception that carp, resisting on the line, trying to “cut” her first ray of the dorsal fin. Such cases may happen. This beam is very strong with several notches. He is able to grind the line.

Not fish, wild carp anglers called carp. For example, in the lower reaches of the Volga river it is a large number. This species reaches a very large size. The principle of catching it is exactly the same as carp. For this purpose, animals of bait: worms, molluscs, crayfish.

For catching big carp anglers using different tackle, accessories and attachments.


In the lower reaches of the Dniester carpology used bottom gear length of about 50 meters. At the end of the main fishing line with a diameter of up to 1 millimeter has a small feeder spring with a sinker and a few leashes with hooks. The feeder is filled by the nozzle so as to obtain kom the size of a fist of an adult. Him from all sides, stick the hooks to the fore-end down and tip up. Each tip is hidden in a small bump out of the nozzle.

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So the tackle is thrown into the water on the far casting 30-50 meters from the shore, pull the line and miss the cut short (0.5-1 m) of the spinning, vertically-mounted, sticking in the ground on shore. Motoviltse with the remaining fishing line is attached to the peg. On the tip of the spinning top fishing line baited with a piece of white paper.


As a nozzle for carp fishermen use worms, maggots, meal, potatoes, grain, peas, corn, etc. Plant tips are of greatest interest to anglers.

Main nozzle for catching carp is hard boiled unsalted porridge or dough made of corn grits or flour. Of dough, make balls the size of a walnut, which hide the hooks.

On the rivers and reservoirs of Ukraine and to catch carp on the so-called dumplings — pieces of boiled dough.

Recipe tips for carp:

The nozzle from the cooked dough is done as follows. In two small plates, pour a tablespoon of flour. In a bowl add egg yolk and a protein from one egg, a few drops of Valerian. Then fill up a little flour until the dough is cool. The resulting mass fill 2 matchbox, tie them with string and drop into boiling water. A quarter of an hour, remove, cool and remove the box. At the outlet wedges cooked dough of yellow and white. Fishing cut from a rod of the desired cube size and spread on a hook. This type of nozzle does not open for a long time and rather clings to the hook.

The most effective nozzle is the mash, which is prepared from semolina.

Good fishing to You!!!

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