Fishing for tench in autumn on the float rod

In October to catch tench simple, you need only not be afraid of the dark. Many will probably be interested in this phrase “do not be afraid of the dark”. This suggests that in autumn, in the afternoon, Lin is impossible to fish due to too light water, so you have to catch the late evening. Lin revolves around the reeds and in a big kelp forest and in places where a lot of silt. The main campsites are close to the shore.

Come fishing before nightfall, and directly catch to start as soon as it gets dark. The bite in most cases continues until 10 p.m., then the line comes to rest. But there are exceptions, when Lin can keep biting all night, until dawn. But this happens in very rare cases. For Lin is more suitable for warm and windless weather. In windy weather, and more so if it is raining, the pond is nothing to do, Lin will come to feed.

For catching tench use a light float rod, but it is also possible and a ground rod. Although, to catch tench on the ground in the autumn is not always possible because of vegetation. There are too many hooks. For this reason, the float rod is the only suitable option. Quiet weather should put a thin line with a light float tackle must be very sensitive. But if there is wind such an easy snap-in will not work, it will be difficult to throw, and constantly endure. The tackle when the wind will have to reload, you have to change the float on the heavier and to put it the appropriate weight. Given that in October the weather is not predictable, is constantly changing, so you just get tired of constantly loading and unloading gear. The most suitable option in this case – to take with you on fishing several rods with a variety of easy to snap-ins. When weather changes you will just have to change the rods, it’s much easier than one rod to change the tooling.

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Bait and tips on the Ling in autumn

For catching tench as bait is applied to the worm, well, at worst you can use bloodworms. No other types of baits are working on the line in the fall. So the range is not particularly rich. Bait for tench is not applicable because he is not interested in anything herbal, only natural mikrohitel of the underwater world, the worm is most similar to those of microsetella. Often use Nightcrawlers, but they are difficult to produce in the fall, it is spring a lot of them, and at this time of year, cold and Nightcrawlers do not crawl on the surface. You have to dig a lot of ground.

Bite Lin’s careful, he’s in no hurry to swallow the bait immediately, on sight. It will fit, look, first taste, and then to swallow. To hook well stuck in the lip line, you need to hook in, but not immediately, as he starts to bite, give him some time so he stuck to the bait and only then it is cut.

It is worth Recalling that, intending in the fall to Lin, do not forget to take fireflies for floats. Still have to catch in the dark, float without Firefly, you will not see a lantern to frighten, cautious fish.

Also take note, Lin autumn is not particularly active, evident, but not in large quantities. So don’t count on a big catch. Well of course, if he decides to bite all night and you have enough patience for it, then the catch will be richer as you already have understood. Big Lin at this time is very rare, basically take shedding weight is not more than 200 grams. For anglers and that is enough.

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