Fishing in April

Fishing in April a very exciting process for both beginners and experienced fishermen, but requires special care when out on the ice, the movement, and return to shore. The ice under the action of sunlight and fog becomes friable and fragile, while at the coast the ice is melting faster.

April is the time for fishing in the wiring, because the white fish before spawning starts to eat actively, and after it comes out predatory fish. Most of the rivers of Central Russia free of ice, but in the first half of April, and sometimes later on some lakes and large reservoirs is still possible to catch the ice. Continues night fishing for burbot, mostly near the coast. Biting pike on live bait and trolling gradually subsides. Until the last days of standing ice on the spinner takes a good perch, mostly at a depth of 4 to 6 m, preferably in the morning and evening hours. Often along with perch catches large perch, and medium and small perch kept at shallow depths (about 1 m) near the grass and takes on small spinners with a nozzle.

In the smaller streams, which quickly becomes transparent, it is very interesting fly fishing in the wiring IDE, Chub, roach, bream, Podust, Dace, minnow in a large manure worm, bloodworm, caddis, beetle larva, as well as float and bottom fishing rods on the same nozzle. Under favorable, warm weather from the second half of April in shallow, well-warmed water bodies on the red manure worm catches the fish. By the end of April in the shallows to catch the floating spinning rod pike perch and ASP on the bleak, small golawice and Yelets. In small rivers, where water has become bright, successful fishing spinning reel. Fishing in lakes and large rivers possible in the 10 — 15th day after the start of fishing in the rivers.

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After the breaking of ice in the rivers starts spawning perch, and after the ice melts in lakes and reservoirs. In the second half of April begins the pike spawning, then spawn perch and carp. Closer to the North of these terms are shifted.

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