Fishing in may

In early may, nature is in the Middle Lane completely awakens from its winter slumber. The temperature of the water increases, resulting in rapid growth of aquatic vegetation. In coastal and shallow areas of water bodies appear on young shoots of reeds and cane.
At this time there is no point in looking for fish on the channel edge and wintering pits. She, in search of heat and food goes into the mouth of small rivers, or concentrated in the coastal zone.

In the shallows the water temperature by 1.5-2°C higher than in open spaces, in a quiet and Sunny days, this difference may reach even greater values. Heat, the availability of forage and shelter from predators, attract a large number of small fish. Accordingly, here, for feeding out and predatory fish.
In may, continues after spawning zhor of a pike. She is actively feeding in the shallows, eagerly attacking anything that appears in her field of vision. Pike restores lost power and it needs a big amount of food. On this basis, it is advisable to use fishing lures of medium and large size. Work well in shallow waters, cranks and spinners. When used correctly, a great result will give the cranks with zero buoyancy (suspender).
The same tactics and perch fishing, but the bait at the same time, of course, used a smaller size. It is also necessary to consider that in the beginning of may begins the spawning of perch, but as individuals of different ages spawn at different times, a good catch can be expected almost always.
Fishing peaceful fish in may is preferable to use a float tackle. As the nozzle is mainly used bloodworms, Nightcrawlers, worm manure, worm and caddis worm. By the end of the month the fish begins to bite and plant tips. There is a rule: the colder the water is, the greater the likelihood that the fish will give preference to the nozzles of an animal origin. In the beginning of the month, until the water level in rivers is high, in the mouths of flowing into them tributaries to the transaction well caught roach, bream, IDE, Chub and other freshwater fish. Technically the wiring easier to implement in pure plots with a flat bottom. At the same time, fish avoids a smooth and homogeneous space, preferring areas with uneven floor conditions, presence of water plants, reverse flow and other obstacles. In such places increases the probability to find food and shelter, so that fish behavior is quite understandable. Posting attachments is best done at a distance of several centimeters from the bottom. The descent is not large enough to adversely affect the number of bites that are too large will lead to constant false bites.
The best results can be achieved if posting with priderzhki. In this case, the nozzle moves above the bottom “rung”, which further provokes the fish to bite. Using priderzhki you can also bypass the small ground obstacles, banishing the nozzle over them.
As the recession of the water the fish slipping from the tributaries into larger rivers. By this time the water is already warming up and the fishing takes a typical old character.

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