Fishing in Mordovia, where to fish in Mordovia?

The center of the European part of Russia, or rather on the Eastern European plain. The Volga Basin. Distance from Moscow to Saransk, capital of Mordovia, 600 km to the South-East.

The main water arteries of the Republic of Mordovia — Moksha river and its tributaries Issa, Sivin ‘ and satis, as well as Sura, the main donors of which ore, stone and Insar. Summarizing the water potential this is also a very beautiful region, we note that the fishing interest here are more than hundreds of small and medium-sized rivers and several hundred lakes. In addition to these fine edges of many ponds of natural and artificial origin.

The total length of the coastline of the Mordovian reservoirs. This is a potential place for fishing. More than the distance from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

What is caught in Mordovia?

The main objects of the seekers of luck fishing in Mordovia are:

  • Carp.
  • Perch.
  • Carp.
  • Sudak.
  • Pike.
  • Roach.
  • Bream.
  • Silver bream.
  • Som.
  • Burbot.
  • ASP.
  • IDE.
  • Chub.
  • ASP.

The characteristics and features of water bodies

The topography and structure of the East European plain explain of the bottom profile of the local reservoirs. Swings and the pit is rather rare. Silt, clay and sandstones are the priority, however, as the shores of the Mordovian reservoirs.

Note to fishermen

The rain and accompanying mud flows make the rivers muddy water, which significantly reduces biting. Poslematchevoy and enlightenment — a sure harbinger of activity of inhabitants of the local waters.

A characteristic feature of the Mordovian ponds is crystal clear water at relatively shallow depths, and therefore, trophy catfish is here extremely rare.

Numerous shoals, coupled with a moderate and slow flow of local rivers are ideal for fishing in round-the-clock and year-round operation. The shoreline of the water bodies rich in vegetation and spectacular scenery that gives you the opportunity to combine fishing with a family vacation.

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Where here to catch the tail of luck?

The most popular places fishing are the largest rivers of the region — the rivers Moksha and Sura, as well as lake Inerka (its area is about 0.5 sq km).

Fishing on the Sur in Mordovia

The River Sura. The bite from the surface to the bottom.
Altered safe bet is fishing in the vicinity of the confluence of tributary to Verdigris. A moderate course during three four-meter depths with a gentle swings — ease environment for burbot, flocks of white bream and the ubiquitous ruff; the Second in popularity are the surroundings of the city of Berezniki and Large villages Nikolaevka and Tiapino;

The coastal waters of the Sura, near Ivanjkovci and the City recommended for lovers of hunting predators — pike and perch;
Another interesting place is Ariskin Zaton.

This is no exaggeration — the “Mecca” for lovers of ice fishing. The pond is unique in that there are places with depths of up to 10-11 meters, and this is a chance to lift a real trophy in both summer and winter;

Fishing on the Moksha Mordovia

The river Moksha — loves skillful and a little lucky
Moksha is different from the Surahs of the more serious depths (the average amount of 7-8 meters). Here in the abundance of sand bars and deep pools, shoals and shallow stretches.

They come here not beginners in the art of fishing, and the river for their experience rewards are often appreciated. It is from the banks of the Sura on the Internet appear constantly photos with remarkable instances of catfish, perch and bream.

Best places to Moksha are:

  • The coast around the town of Temnikov. Here the river makes a sharp turn literally 90 degrees here, a few miles from the city limits Moksha breaks into five branches, while is the ideal environment for the accumulation of fish;
  • Never vacant of fishermen from the shores of Moksha near the villages Kabanovo — Mordovian Poety as at the confluence of Moksha and Issa. It is a noble place for fans of pike hunting.
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    Fishermen for reference

    Until the mid 70-ies of the last century on the river Moksha was conducted even industrial fishing. To this period belongs and the peak diversity of the underwater inhabitants of the river -31. Today this figure has decreased and is 21-23.

    Lakes and ponds

    Urbanization and technical progress is the same everywhere in the relation to nature. Today the surroundings of the capital Saransk unlikely to please the true anglers. Local fishermen are recommended to seek your luck at a considerable distance from the city’s outskirts.

    Alternatively, here are commercial ponds. Paid fishing in Mordovia is on the rise, and the number in this case should grow in quality. Because of the reliable and guaranteeing the catch here is to offer the pond on the way to Goryaynovka. Carp, carp — in the premium.

    Most of the lakes are inundated Mordovia Republic (born in consequence of river flooding). This factor explains their shallow waters and the species composition of their “water population” is identical to the nearest rivers.

    When to fish in Mordovia

    The nature of the water bodies of Mordovia and the species composition of fish guarantees a successful fishing vacation. However, the Government of Mordovia in order to conserve fisheries resources in their waters every year from April 15 to June 15 restrictions for fishermen.

    It is connected first of all with the spawning season. Restrictions apply to certain places, and fishing gear. In those two months, anglers are allowed to catch only two tackles (rod or spinning) with a maximum number of hooks — a pair on each.

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    At the same time in the spawning season ban on catching certain species of fish with a minimum size.
    Exposure by species and size at time of spawning, see table:

    • Carp 40 cm
    • Pike-perch 40 cm
    • Bream 25 cm
    • Pike 32 see
    • Catfish freshwater 90 cm
    • Carp 40 cm

    Ideally, the mining ban should be released with minimal damage. The rest of the time to try your luck, no one is forbidden. So with the onset of the first frost time comes the activity of the local pike.

    All winter, without adjustment for temperature is possible to become the owner of a collection of perch, bersha and perch. With the arrival of spring awakens bream. It was after the ice melts on the rivers of Mordovia observed the influx of fishermen from neighboring areas, obsessed with the desire to experience yourself in agility and skill, catching Sura spaces and mokshansky bream.

    Instead of an epilogue

    Profile of the Mordovian rivers, lakes and ponds (maximum depth not often exceed 3-4 meters) determine the size of its inhabitants. Trophies weighing more than four or five pounds is considered a decent reward skillful and lucky.

    Instances of seven to eight pounds or more — a rarity, and sometimes the fruit of “true” fishing stories. Nevertheless, fishing in Mordovia, it always is exciting and always in the background of the amazing nature that skillfully can compensate for even an empty tank.

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