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In my experience, the possession of a large number of baits having a strong reputation as the best, sometimes appears to be inversely proportional significant result. Most likely, I observed the picture depended on the mindless brute force without an understanding of the need for specific circumstances.

The basis of successful fishing — the combination of three components: the presence of the object of the hunt, understanding the work and laid in the bait design, the nuances of its filing and posting.

The choice of bait depends on the understanding of modes of feeding, migration, and activity of predator of the pond. And faith in the bait (even sound) is losing the knowledge, experience and perhaps intuition. I want to talk about a bait that is little used in modern summer and autumn spinning fishing for perch. Many fishermen have acknowledged confidence when fishing this bait. However, my knowledge and experience proves that it is much alavista generally accepted stereotypes. Talking about wibag.

It’s funny that they went fishing in our slang as “rattlin” — his own name of the bait, not having the original design thought is irrelevant. For those who are versed in fishing lures for catching predatory fish, I will briefly explain. Rattlin is bladeless the kind of lures with built-in rattle in the body or without it. We will focus on the lure, more specifically about one — ratling no rattles referred to as Vibration, translation — vibrating (shaking, tossed). Hence was born the abbreviated name — VIB (vib). Of course sinking the stone blade-less “rattle” was not invented in the design office of the company Rapala. At the time of her emergence from this company similar type were already popular in the catalogues of a number of firms in the top division.

It was called, however, differently — Vibration (operation principle), and “ratline” was known only models that have acoustic effects (eng. rattling — rattling). But the Finnish “rattle” came into our Russian fishing slang before anyone else, and the proper name gradually became common, even for silent webov. Like diapers “pampers”. In recent years, with the emergence of new models of this type with different characteristics need to return to the right name is becoming increasingly urgent.

Therefore, despite the “remnants of the old time” as usual the names “rattlin”, I will use the correct name — VIB. So, two years ago, I tightly encountered an unexpected priority webov for ice fishing perch. Although summer is also used, but not regularly, but rather for variety and not very successfully. Apparently, simply not wanted.

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Pushed me to the study of rattling webov my partner for Karelia, suddenly allowig me on the pike it wibom, and in a completely non-standard conditions of application of this bait. I wonder if winter is almost sheer operate webame brought such a success, collecting and raising a flock of bass, why not develop it in open water? Moreover, the options of horizons and the filing has grown considerably.

To begin, I worked for a theoretical scheme of the behavior of fish in large water bodies. If “boiler” bass is clear and understood, deep and low — activity pack- the thing in itself. Perch is on the bottom (or in the water) and start to eat in certain periods. To find it seems to be easy, if there is a reference to the ridges, stones, drops. And if they do not? Just a flat bottom. Here stable results difficult to achieve. Usually a few bites on a jig and find a new place. Why? Everything was elementary. A flock of perch, “aroused” a possible object of power begins to shift in the direction of its periodical appearance, that is coming up. And if the object is immersed too quickly, most often it just passes through the pack.

And I went fishing to the pond, where there are no sharp differences, stone ridges, but there are a lot of tasty perch. Not translucent, always hungry “Shurik”, and this perch. This is lake Peipsi. The practical application of my theoretical thinking has surpassed all the most courageous projects. However, to determine the location of the pack was initially used all the same jig, and this process was quite problematic (the sea and a flat bottom). But further surprised even me.

  • First (and there was a strong wind), flight characteristics. almost twice the casting distance of the jig snap to the optimal for the weight.
  • Second, the “collection” packs (when used properly typecasting webov) resembled the whistle of Nils or turn a deficit during perestroika.

But we found a perch at a great depth, where even the fish finder nothing about the presence of the living did not. Just make a reservation — it was not one place and not one day. To begin, I will try to share the vibe on the facial features of application.

Check the operation of rattling VIB fishing

This type has a decent weight, elongated elongated shape and a small drag. Easy to start and require minimum speed posting, which begins to play. Speed “winding” is checked in advance. After sinking to the bottom evenly and slowly lead the bait along the bottom (we think), interspersing short ryokami every three to four seconds. Sometimes you can stop the bait for a couple of seconds to lower the “horizon”, after summing up the bait to the boat, we increase the vertical component of the impact force and the minimum speed of transaction to the beginning of the vibration, anyway, is unchangeable — and thus, our vibration starts to go higher. Having brought it to a close, quickly cymatium. To improve the maximum number of fish casts must be done in all directions.

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From this group I would like to mention the model:

  • DUO Bay Ruf SV-80. The absolute leader in bringing “doubles” even at the exploration stage.
  • Pontoon21 Kalikana Vib 65NS. “Hard worker”, amazingly quickly “pull-up” pack to the boat.
  • IMA Koume 80. Lost the above bibam but brought only big ones. Maybe because only this model had in your body for more speakers.
  • Classic Vib.

VIB rattlin for fishing in the middle layers

When a flock will rise by 2-3 m (which is easily determined by the reduction of bites), they have less depth model and the wiring is changed to a more active, almost jig: two slow revolution of the reel, then pause a second or two. These models are lighter weight and more drag. It should be noted that their work (beginning of transaction) starts with the contact with the bottom, but due to the above factors they go higher, lifting the pack higher and focusing it directly next to the boat. You also need to follow the flock on the screen of the sounder, rather, with the depth of its Parking and speed recovery. Perch have “fun”, but you should try not to hold the bait under the pack. The task of this stage-to concentrate, to “thicken” the active predator about boats, so competition prevailed over caution.

This category webov best of all we raised a flock:

  • DUO Refina 80L;
  • DUO Bay Rirf SV-70;
  • Pontoon21 Bet-A-Vib61.

Especially no allocate — everything worked perfectly.

And that’s when visual directly below the boat for your bass, caught bait, popping up the “maintainer” or a “tuple”, the battle are more “wide” and rather “loud” instances webov.

Ratline for fishing with surface

These models have already proven themselves to be real “killers”. So just list them:

  • ZipBaits Rigge Vib 63;
  • Megabass Vibration Power Bomb;
  • Megabass Vibration-X Micro.
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A few seconds into penetration and then just slow uniform wiring. Several attacks over the 3-4 m transaction is guaranteed. Casts like a fan, and preferably in close proximity, as the pack has gathered around the boats. Here everyone chooses their own fishing credo: or more to catch, or send to grow.

Management webame not require any frills or strictly specialized rods. The only thing that is contraindicated — soft tip. If we take on the water one rod, it should be close to twicecome type. Last time I got partnered with St. Croix Legend Tournament LTES76MHF. And not lost: and wind loads, and wave absolutely does not prevent either the bottom “flair” for great depth, nor to “lift mode” briefly.

Monitoring the process of catching

Naturally, the “graze” on large reservoirs hard. And although we never went out (usually started at noon or an hour later), as catching a number of boats around us is constantly increasing. The local “natives” (fished with us in the “sekushi” winter spinners) to gather the flock and to stir her could not: they have, unlike us, the fishing sector was too small. The spinning fishing jigs, also not particularly happy on a decent wave and 8-meter depth. During his sports activities, I learned how to calculate the rate of catching rivals. The balance was clearly in our favor. Minimum of 1:10 compared with the local (although the boat had three and they constantly moved around the pond), and the spinning, it seems, just rocked on the waves. I have noticed the output of fish only twice. Here the simple arithmetic, when uzkougolna fishing moldobekova, and the bottom jig is irrational.

Thus, the whole process of raising and catching could provide only one fighter. I repeat it the correct, accepted all over the world the name VIB. I’m not saying that vibe is applicable only in such deep conditions. I will not be hypocritical, in my many years of practice, I undeservedly little time has been devoted to this rich and interesting the bait. And webov I only have 15 pieces. Just trying to catch up. Unfortunately, the walleye this year on the vibe I get no chance. But the pike will definitely be continued.

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