Fishing rods for beginners carpatica

Features carp rods

If to see the vast range of carp rods, the inexperienced newcomer, you can definitely get lost. Then the serious question arises which model to choose, what are the characteristics, from any manufacturer. Yes, even at a cheap price!

You can get a little advice from the seller. But there is no guarantee that he really will recommend a suitable rod you economy class, and not that expensive.

Below we describe the main characteristics of carp rods, manufacturers, prices and other nuances.

Having identified the required qualities, be sure to browse fishing online shopping, forums, reviews and other online resources. That’s good will inform you, and you’ll be able to buy a carp rod.


Working on the cast and the playing of virtually all form, they have fast action in the dynamics. Rod have sufficient rigidity to perform accurate casting and control of the cut of fish, but at the same time, they demonstrate the flexibility necessary to counter jerks of the trophy and the far casts snap-ins.

Super rods for beginners carpatica — Sagr pro “d carp”

Length m: 3.9; Material: Graphite; Number of sections: 2; handle Material: EVA; Build: Medium-fast; Weight g: 380; transport length cm: 201.; The diameter of the first choke ring mm: 50; Test max. lb: 3.25; rod Type: Carp;

Rods in this series is a great illustration of the truly universal features. Enlarged ring with reinforced frames go well with powerful forms. The presence of only one joint helps to maximize the preservation of strength, and a smooth curve of the bend. In addition to working the rods in the series present a five-pound Sadovoe, the rod having high strength and capable of working with heavy missiles.

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