Fishing where to fish?

The volume of fish caught in Norway are directly dependent on geography. And the North – the more fish easier to catch and it is larger, and the South — the fish less!

The fishing traditions of Norway have more than 1000 Yu story, because the coastline of Norway with the Islands is more than 83 thousand km. Today Norway is the world’s largest exporter of seafood and fishing is ranked 2nd in profitability after oil and petroleum products.

  • In recent years, Norway produces about 3 mill. tons of fish and seafood.
  • In the coastal waters of Norway can be found over 200 species of fish and shellfish.
  • In Norway, You will experience the thrill of fishing, You will be surprised and the size and variety, and quantity, and taste.

Various kinds, as the fish and ways of catching. “Without fish in Norway will not remain a single fisherman, even a novice” is an expression You can read on many websites of companies that promote this type of vacation. But it’s not like fishing fishing alike. You can catch the fish and standing on the pier or on the shore of the campground, you can go to the sea, passing more than a dozen km, but without special skills, the right gear and stuff, you can’t catch trophy fish, and not see the diversity of fish, which the sea of Norway.

And if in Lofoten or Tromso (not to mention the more Northern areas), haul in 30-40 kg per day per person — “the norm” and squid “under fifteen” — is not uncommon, caught and captured esemplari — skrei weighing 30-35 kg, for example, in Central Norway, the catches are much more modest, although, of course, with a catch in our rivers and lakes, they still do not compare. And marine fish is significantly stronger and the fun of fighting when fish get huge.

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First you have to decide where to go. With family it is better to go to Central or Western Norway there are warmer and there are places to go and things to do after fishing. For example, it is quite suitable for the island’s Cunning or Bold. And captured there can be Malva — sea pike (the world record 46 kg it is installed off the island of Cunning), monkfish and a very large side — to 14 -15 kg, which is suitable there in the summer.

North Norway is not suitable for family trips. The exception is if Your “half” also catches or loves photography.

But if You are going to not just catch his heart’s content, but try to catch a trophy fish, setting a personal (and maybe world) record, then you direct road to the North — in the district of Tromso, Lofoten.

When catching?

If we talk about the fishing vacation, it is the most comfortable time – from late may to mid-September, and on the South of the country since the beginning of may. During this period, warm enough, there are Sunny days, storms are extremely rare. But the ocean’s the ocean and the weather can change quickly on this warm clothes still should not be forgotten.

Fishing where to fish?

If we talk specifically about fishing, in the North, it starts in early March — huge schools of cod-scree suitable for spawning and there is a real opportunity to catch a record assembler weighing 20-25 kg, not to mention 7-10-pound “little things”.
And the “photoshine” time in those places — from late July to mid-September. Ends fishing in Northern Norway in early November.

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Fishing in the Central and Western Norway, as shown, is possible all year round. Depending on the time of year varies with the quality of catches, but fish are caught all year, ttom the number of trophy Molva caught a fish and a small halibut.

I can not say about the winter and sea fishing in Norway. For reasons unknown to me it is not widespread and many vibronnye base from December until spring and go into “sleep” mode (but not all) the/ even Though the sea was not frozen — Golfstrim does not, the temperature of the air if falls to a little below zero (on the coast) for a short time.

However, the weather is more changeable than in the summer, but if you choose a place to and an exit in the sea and you could hide from the wind and fishing in the archipelago, the fishing may well happen. We checked this by my own experience — 2013 met on the island of hitra and do not regret fishing turned out

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