Homemade floats

Have you ever a situation when you come to the store for a certain gear, for example, a float, and that need not: the size is not such, then the price you don’t like? In this case we have to make the tackle yourself. The necessary materials can be purchased on practically every corner, time it will take a bit, a cheap price, but the product will be exclusive and efficient.

Determine the model of the float

In the preparatory phase will be required to determine the model of the product and figure out how to produce it, and what you need to do.

What to pay attention

Before starting work, be sure to choose the details that will significantly affect the choice of float:

  • how will fishing;
  • what should be the load gear;
  • type of reservoir;
  • the main type of bait.

Don’t forget to also resolve the issue of shipment: whether it is necessary or not? And only after analyzing all these factors you can move on.

Looking for the right material

High quality floats are made of materials having the properties of buoyancy, because they have to stay on the water even under the most adverse conditions of draught. As a rule, they are made of:

  • Balsa wood or cork from the wine.
  • Tree.
  • Foam.
  • The plastic tubes.
  • Bird feather.
  • Cane.
  • A huge range of materials due to the fact that floats are intended for different fishing conditions and different gear. Consider working qualities of some of them.

    Wooden floats

    These models are highly sensitive, they are easily balanced and can be used for long casts.

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    To do a proper float, you will need to find a good and strong wooden blank. The best option would be balsa wood, but this wood will be found far from each angler. In addition, the fisherman must have at least some basic concepts in woodworking. But the tree, the results show good bamboo floats.

    The pen floats

     As a rule, every angler begins his journey in fishing with fishing on a float tackle. These models are considered classics. To make a float of any person, you just find a good pen. The pen floats lightweight, sensitive, have a streamlined shape that allows you to capture even the smallest bite.

    Tube or foam

    Though it is two different materials, methods of making each of them almost identical. But, keep in mind that cork and foam floats is not very sensitive. Such models are mainly used for fishing of predators and big fish, as they have a lot of weight and fish must be strong enough to be able to drown the float.

    When choosing foam (Styrofoam) be sure to consider the density: the material must be resistant to mechanical stress, to resist the spillage, otherwise it will be difficult to handle. Tip: if you want to make this float, please be a piece of extruded high-strength foam.

    The tube has a high porosity. After casting this float is noticeably heavier due to contact with pore water. To prevent this from happening, all large voids should be treated with waterproof sealant. Another option is pushed into the pores of finely divided cork mixed with glue. After drying, the product is cleaned fine sandpaper, then painted with oil-based paint. To properly ship a float, it is necessary to attach at least two of the balance weights.

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    A thin plastic tube

    Floats, made of a material, its qualities are not inferior to the pen and, thus, will look great. Stages of manufacturing of plastic floats and their consolidation on a line identical to the pen their brethren. The only difference is that the ends of the tube need to solder, to not enter into water. The material used the legs of lollipops, pipe, balloons, etc.

    And finally we will show you how to easily make a cork float.

    Take a piece of tube, machined it that way to give the body a round, spherical or ellipsoidal shape. Next, the workpiece is drilled through the Central part and the hole the rod slides. As the rod is used the tube is made of PVC, sometimes a bird feather, which is then passed through the fishing line. Then the ends of the tube are closed by pieces of the same pen or capped in any other way.

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