How to choose tackle for fishing from a boat

Hunting fish from a boat has many advantages compared to fishing from the shore. The chances of a big catch increase considerably, because:

  • you can swim to the catchability place with open water;
  • there is a great opportunity to come to anchor, and sh not available with the Bank;
  • it is easier to make an accurate pass.

In addition, there are reservoirs where the shoreline fish to catch is almost impossible.

Fishing from a boat

While on Board a watercraft, you can use a variety of methods to catch almost any tackle, which caught from shore. This:

  • various fishing float tackle, which includes: flight, match, Bolognese rods;
  • fishing classic feeder, picker, “gum”, “pacifier”, “ring”, etc;
  • fishing with spinning tackle;
  • fly fishing in a plumb (side rod).

For each of these methods are selected specially adapted for fishing from the side of the rods. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Characteristics of the rods used for fishing from a boat

Side rods must meet certain requirements:

  • It should be short and with a strong body.
  • Have a flexible, responsive pointer.
  • Must be equipped with multiple carrying rings.
  • On the rod should stand in the inertial coil.
  • Length fishing rod for fishing a certain fish is chosen empirically, the structure of the rods has a value when casting long distances and for fishing large fish. Typically, the length of the rod for boat fishing is rarely more than 3 meters.

    The degree of buoyancy of the rod and the weight of each depends on the other. The fact is that when biting trophy fish, anglers need to be very careful that the fish dragged the rod from his hands into the water. If the weight of the rods is large, it may sink once in the water, but the tackle is harder to snatch from the hands.

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    For the convenience of on-Board fishing boats are installing supports under the rod (like the coast). Typically, the handles of the rods are fixed by a string or thick fishing line to Board the boat. If it will be in the water, it will not float away.

    And finally, let’s talk about snap. Basic kit includes:

  • Line. For the selection of its length should be guided by the total length of the rods. It is also important to know whether to tackle coil. The thickness of the twine should range within 0.2-0.3 mm.
  • Float pick easy, shipping install is identical to the weight of the float. Purchased this model indicated the weight of the float and shipment. For homemade floats the weight of the shipment pick up experimentally.
  • Lead pellets are sold in fishing stores.
  • End sleeves.
  • Fishing hooks should be thin and sharp. Their color, try to choose based on the specific body of water (the less transparent the water, the darker the color of the hook). When you select the product number refer to the size fish you expect to catch.
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