How to fish on dropshot

Dropshot you can catch roach, Rudd, carp, bream, tench, using a thinner snap. So, what is dropshot? To put it simply — this is a very delicate technique of artificial lures in which a soft plastic imitation of fodder object hangs in the water not far from the bottom on the snap end, the sinker mounted on a scaffold approximately 45 cm below the bait. Easy installation allows you to make small jerks stiff rod with a soft tip, hold the sinker in place or dragging it on the bottom of the lake, forcing them to work the attached lip soft plastic bait that imitates a small wounded fish and provokes an attack of a hungry perch.

To start fishing dropshots requires a minimum amount of gear. I used the rod the Abu Veritas 2.1 m for most light lures, although such fishing, you can choose any other spinning length from 1.95 to 2.4 m. the Main requirement is that the rod should be light, with a sensitive tip, but at the same time, have plenty of power for reliable cutting. Additional power is required and when fighting a fish, helping her to tire faster during playing. The use of the rod with a rigid form makes possible its use for fishing by other methods, such as jigging.

The rod should be equipped with a small spinning reel with front brake and spool, filled with a thin “braid”. My own choice is Berkley Nanofil. For most cases I choose a fishing line with a diameter of 0.12 mm, it’s thin enough and corresponds to the equivalent breaking load of about 8 kg, In the market there are many other woods that are also very well suited for our purpose. The basic elements for snap dropshot: hooks, fishing line leash, vertucci, sinkers and various lures from soft plastic.

For mounting snap-in will first need cut fluorocarbon length of about 1 m for a leash. Fold the line in half and attach it to the hook with a Palomar knot (as shown in the diagram), that he was in the middle of the leash. Tie to the upper end of the leash to the swivel, through which it will be attached to the main fishing line and to the lower end attach the sinker. Many specializing in fishing the American bass anglers when fishing on dropshot use fluorocarbon as the main line. I prefer the “basket”, because due to its small diameter it can be cast further and more accurately, and provides greater sensitivity tackle and a clear sense of the bite.

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The thickness of fluorocarbon depends on the size of bait and hook. If the goal is perch, Chub or small perch, which require soft baits up to a length of 10 cm, I prefer Berkley Trilene test 6-8 pounds (2.7-3.6 kg). When it comes to large perch or the perch, which require larger lures, turn on the test line with 12 lb (5.4 kg), because you never know what surprise is waiting for you at the pond, where to catch big fish.

Sinkers to dropshot

I prefer to use a special sinker for dropshot, which is attached to the lower end of the leash, it can be quickly and easily replaced by more light or heavy depending on the fishing circumstances. As an alternative approach to Arlesey bomb sinker attached to a snap closure quick change, but I prefer the round sinkers because they convey a lot more information on the rod, when they rattle the bottom.

It is advisable to perhaps use a lighter sinker, which can be applied in a particular situation, In calm weather, enough weights in quarter ounce (7 g), but strong current or wind and in deep water you have to choose the weight up to one ounce (2.8 g). When assembling the basic equipment for dropshot I use Mosquito hooks Drop-Shot VMC № 4-1/0, tying them to fluorocarbon node Palomar. Spitted the lure for the lip, I make a stinger hook under her chin so that it came out through the nose.

Bait with a split tail or a passive and plastic worms are among the best soft baits for dropshot. Spitted soft lure for the lip, I give it a very small movement of the tip of the rod that cause it to move in small spurts and in waves, as it usually makes the wounded forage fish.

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How to catch dropdata

How and where to fish on the dropshot. Most often I use a dropshot in places where there are hiding places for fish that I researched other baits such as jig, Wobbler or a spinner. If caught spinning a few fish and the bite stopped, include operation dropshot, and usually I get a couple more bonus trophies. With a snap dropshot I catch this: throw the tackle and allow the sinker to reach the bottom, holding the tip of the rod at an angle to the surface of the water. Then, firmly holding the rod by hand, make the jerking tip of about 5-8 cm, gradually moving snap to him.

After five or six spurts pause before continuing the transaction. When fishing in a plumb from a boat most of the time I barely twitch the tip of the rod, and it works effectively. Bites can be very delicate when I can barely feel a slight resistance, before a very sharp when the tip of the rod bent in an arc. The advantage of snap dropshot in that it allows you to sh in the most uncomfortable places, where lies the fish, for example the portions under the overhanging above the water bushes on the opposite Bank a long time to keep the lure in the water column, forcing her to play in the offensive zone predator and lure him out of hiding.

In most cases the fish I catch, the overreach in “scissors” or over the edge of the lip This method I have never used specially for catching of a pike, but if you catch where a lot of these predators suggest to install the snap-in of special of flood material. For me dropshot fully demonstrated, Suru efficiency for perch, so why not Try? Rest assured, this is a very exciting experience.

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Fixing the hook on the leash for dropshot

Take approximately 1 m of fluorocarbon for the leash, fold it in half and pull the resulting loop through the ring of the hook. Then tie a simple loose knot so that the loop is facing toward the tip of the hook. Hold the knot between thumb and forefinger, completely fit the loop on the hook. Drag the hook into the loop and tighten the knot, moisten the line, then pull both ends of the line to properly seal the knot. Now attach the swivel to the top end snap, and sinker — to the bottom.

Tips for fishing with a snap dropshot

Experiment with the wiring. Dropshot is a technique that works best during slow movements of the lure attached to her gentle jerking of the rod. But there are days when efficient is more aggressive posting, especially in the summer. Choose a bright color such as white, pink, Chartreuse and yellow, for catching in muddy water and more natural — for the transparent water.

Soft bait split tail or passive and plastic worms work much better at catching dropshots than more aggressive types of artificial lures such as vibrohvosta or twisters. Oblavlivaemye the waters in front of him at different angles. Fish, swimming in the jaws of a predator, looks unnatural, so you need to change the direction of the transaction, when you feel that fish, and no bites. Adjust the mass of the snap depending on the conditions. Maybe use lighter sinkers, but not to lose the sensitivity of the tackle. In most cases, I use weights in the 7-10 g. increasing the mass during the transition to greater depth, stronger or when the wind picks up.

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