How to make a tackle guns with their hands

About the manufacture of such efficient gear as Bombarda heard any experienced fisherman. It is functional, practical, able to diversify the process of fishing, as well as inexpensive to manufacture. That’s about it we’ll talk further.

What is the bombard

This spindle-shaped hollow float with a sinker inside was invented and first tested in Italy, and was originally intended for hunting for trout. Such a set is called “spirulina”. In our country, the fixture is slightly modified to provide for catching almost any species of fish.

Bombarda is a float with the special weights inside. This snap-in provides the fisherman the ability to do long-distance casting even the most lightweight lures, while holding it at the desired depth. In most cases, tackle is made from precious wood of the balsa type, inside which is placed a small lead weight. In some cases, instead of lead, use brass. Very cheap bombard assemble of plastic.

Varieties snap bombard

Depending on the conditions of fishing and hunting, you can use different models of this equipment:

  • fishing for cautious fish (such as carp) used colored transparent bombards;
  • for Zander fishing is better to choose fluorescent guns, shining in the dark;
  • universal Bombarda. The advantages of this tackle to be able to quickly adjust weight and buoyancy by adding or removing metal washers. Another option for weight selection is to fill the inside of the float the necessary amount of water;
  • following the model of “sbirulino” – a vibrating float. Specific movements are carried out due to the special tooling.
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Consider some of the types of bombarde:

  • In the classic version of a Bob is at the bottom, so the rig sinks very quickly, while being in a vertical position.
  • Bombarda “Moretto”. Used for mid-water and bottom fishing. The feature of the model in placing sinkers along the length of the float. Due to this smoothed trajectory casting tackle and dive into the water.
  • “Competition” is a very sensitive and easy to tackle. This is achieved by installing a bombard in a position where it is in the center of gravity of the gear and runs parallel to the tightness of the line. You can easily change the speed of the transaction.
  • In bombarde “Match” the shipment takes place at the top, because of this, the transaction becomes almost horizontal. In deepening tackle the upper part of the bombard will be near the bottom.
  • In the model of “Magic” there are several cargoes, located at the top and bottom gear. This bombard is very sensitive, because it is always positioned horizontally relative to the surface of the water.
  • The degree of penetration and distinguishes between the following types of “sbirulino”:

    • fast sinking. They are best used for fishing in the bottom layers;
    • for catching fish in the middle water apply slowly sinking bombard;
    • for fishing on shallow water it is better to take such types of floating equipment.

    Choose to tackle better on the water. There you will see the features of the fishing spots, what fish live there. From this you can choose the more efficient guns. By the way, please note that the bombard may be, as an additional option snap spinning, and completely independent tackle.

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    Now a few words about how you can build a similar snap their hands out of scrap materials. By the way, cost components are quite inexpensive.

    We will need:

    • a small piece of polystyrene foam (Styrofoam);
    • slim lightweight float;
    • epoxy adhesive;
    • coarse abrasive paper;
    • lead sinker weighing 20 grams;
    • the snap elements;
    • electric drill with set of drill bits.

    Technique of manufacture is as follows: first you need to shape the foam blank, polished it with sandpaper. In the resulting blank is drilled a vertical through hole in which to insert and securely attached to the float (it should stick). The cargo will also need to make a hole through which he will be attached to the bottom of the bombard. The float is formed krosoczka. To this end the gear is heated and pressed against any hard surface. The edge subsequently to be to protect the float from various mechanical damage.

    Many fishermen put on snap, several swivels. So the tackle will be less confusion and overlap.

    In the manufacture of the snap-in “sbirulino” can and should be creative, because we showed only the basic Assembly scheme. This rigging also helps to improve the performance of your fishing.

    Experienced anglers suggest:

    • to ship a float so that it was immersed only up to a quarter of his body. Thus, when committing a transaction does not float hides in the water;
    • the weight and dimensions of the tooling must be proportional;
    • attach “sbirulino” plumage. This will make the rig more stable, and its wiring is simpler and easier;
    • for the tail you can use any available materials, even the plastic from a conventional package;
    • tackle with feathers need to be transported to the point of fishing gently, trying not to damage it;
    • the bombard is desirable to paint in bright colors – it should be sameday even in the dark, and at a great distance from the fisherman.
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