How to prepare corn for carp fishing?

With all the variety of recipes for cooking corn, the proposed method seems to be one of the “lazy”. Moreover, the minimum time the result is very workable.

Noting that natural, freshly made corn much better than canned, “experienced” usually have a few arguments in its favor. They can be summarized to fight the bites of trivia and great suitability for bottom gear.

The only thing that can stop a novice angler – culinary “flour” preparation of the nozzle.

To do this, and apply the easiest and fastest method:

  • in a separate container pour the corn with warm water and allow it to boil
  • as a flavoring, add a little honey
  • stir and remove from the heat, leave the bait stand at least 8-9 hours
  • during this time, under the action of water, grain swells and gains the proper softness.

At the same time, honey gives the corn a peculiar odors-taste, which will enhance its attractiveness.

Typically, such cooking is performed in the evening, so in the morning we will be fully prepared catchability corn head. It remains only to drain the water through a colander, and grain stored in glass containers.

Of course, the corn can be used as bait, bringing them into the fishing area with a sling or other improvised devices for the delivery of bait into the fishing area.


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