How to ship a float

Most of the fishermen began their journey from the fishing with a float rod in my childhood. As a rule, the rod was made, and the float is made of a stylus. Now in specialized stores selling professional models, which differ significantly from the previous from my childhood. But that the fishing had been very effective, you need the right tackle to ship. Let’s talk about it.

How to make the right choice

Floats can be different: good or not. Experienced fishermen-poplavochnikov able to immediately identify a quality tackle, while laymen “float” and are at a loss. If you belong to the latter category, then just ask for advice from the seller.

A little harder to find the right line. Amateurs think that the main attention should be paid to the strength and thickness of the twine, but other than this there are also other indicators (for example, the stiffness or “memory”). Is enough fishing line 0.14-0.16 mm. with regard to “memory”, then it should not be strong to after uncoiling snap remained smooth and soft.

Shipment of the float tackle. What is

To float properly, and plunged to the desired depth, it is necessary to properly ship. Why the need for shipment of equipment:

  • To compensate for the excess buoyancy of the float. At the same time, it is most sensitive and stable.
  • To pass information on biting fish.
  • Keep the nozzle in the desired location.
  • Ogruzka helps to maintain the line under tension, and signals a bite.
  • Help in the study of the bottom relief.
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    Experienced fishermen with fishing kit shipments, consisting of weights of different weight and size. Also in their Arsenal are several floats that can be changed in the process of fishing.

    In different situations to agregate tackle should be different. Describe the most popular choices of shipment.

    To ship the gear in the home , proceed as follows:

    • cut a piece cambrica (about 4 mm) was inserted into one end of the main fishing line;
    • put the other end in the bucket and put on it the tip sleeve;
    • the marking float is specified payload capacity. Based on these data agrohem snap-in. For example, if the weight of gear five gram, need to consolidate three pellets and a half ounce;
    • check the tackle mounted in the vessel with water. If done correctly, the water surface will stick out just the tip. Otherwise, add some more pellets. In the case when the load is too much, pick up the pliers a little lead pellet in the parallel line direction.

    On the pond ship tackle several easier: proceed in the same way as in the first case, but the distance from the float to make small sinkers. The fact is that if you are testing in shallow water you may find that the tackle was not shipped, although the weights will be at the bottom of the reservoir.

    If you were shipped incorrect and far too high above the water, the fish will be difficult to pull the float, and it just spit the hook. As a result, the bite you will not see.

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    In a strong wind to catch a float fishing-rod hard enough. To fishing was successful doing it this way: since the weight of the float is generally five grams requires that out of the water I could only see the tip of the float, and then it will become more noticeable. That is why we need to cut a little bit of lead from sinkers.

    Agrohem float on the rise

    Sometimes you want the bite, the tackle did not go deep, but on the contrary, been raised. Recommended when fishing bottom fish (carp, carp, bream). How to achieve this? On the line hung three grains with a little less weight than usual to tackle a little bit was sticking out of the water. Then hang the shepherd boy with extra pellet at a distance of about 10cm from the hook. When the bite will happen first, the rise of the herdsman, which will raise the float.

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