How to throw the spinning

All experienced fishermen once made their first steps in spinning fishing. Naturally, they made mistakes, so it makes sense to perform typical errors encountered when fishing on spinning tackle. From this article, you will learn about what factors affect the range of the casts, get some guidance from experienced anglers.

It seems that doing long and accurate cast can even inexperienced child – what? But not so simple.

What affects the quality of the casting

To deliver the tackle of exactly in the desired place, you need to consider the following factors:

  • the strength of the wind;
  • whether on the banks of the obstacles and what they are;
  • the size of the lure;
  • what is the equipment and tackle being used.

Analysis common mistakes beginner

As already mentioned, all the anglers mistakes happen, only experienced fishermen quickly eliminate them, and the newcomers fail. Let’s consider the most typical mistakes:

  • Newcomers often have to tackle the coil without line bale. When making quick and accurate casts fishing line is often confused, and the bait flies off. Possible breakage of the line. To remedy the situation, you need to hold your thumb.
  • The arc of the line bale returns correctly. You threw the tackle, the bait reached the target. Now, return the shackle to its original state manually, since the movement is automatically closed. Otherwise, the coil will quickly become worthless.
  • Inexperienced anglers put light bait. Note that the rod, equipped with throughput rings of small diameter, quickly throw the bait will not work. That is why when buying a rod you need to consider the bait what size you’ll catch.
  • A large number of fishing line. This sin many newcomers: on a standard spinning spool reel lot of fishing line. When casting the fishing line can become entangled.
  • Fixing unit bait can cling to the winding ring. This happens when while fishing for predators you use the steel line and attached a carabiner. When you retrieve the bait fastener clings to the crown ring. This can lead to wear of the tooling, or even the breakage of the lure. Exit from an unpleasant situation is the right control winding of line before casting tackle.
  • Angler incorrectly holding the rope in his hands. This error is inherent to many newcomers, and complicates the process of fishing. The main condition is to control the fishing line. This is done as follows: handle of the coil is between two fingers (middle and ring). Thumb need, if necessary, braking flight bait or to release the line. It needs to be on spinning.
  • Wrong casting tackle. When you have learned the proper technique of casting, to send the bait in the desired location will not be easy. But novice anglers haven is not responsible and move synchronously. When the stick is in position behind him, they make a long pause. It happens that the rod is too far back, or bends very low.
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    A few tips

    Before fishing, anglers need to find and equip a fishing spot. If you are in the right place, it allows you to get the right position. Thus, the efficiency of the catch will be increased. In order for the position was correct, you need to pay attention to:

    • what range of flight of the lure;
    • the force of the current;
    • is the grass on the shore and in the water;

    The choice of method casting

    • when two-handed method several times increases the power and range gear;
    • if there are water plants, it is best to throw from the hand. This technique is effective when fishing from the side;
    • the side cast. Applies if strong wind blows, and in the water a lot of vegetation;
    • method “over the shoulder” good when fishing in crowded conditions;
    • shot “through the head” almost the most accurate of all.

    Whichever way you did not use, but he brought a good result!

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