Is it possible to catch a fish on cheese

Did you know that fish can be caught not only on the traditional bait, but cheese? Many fishermen claim that it is well caught barbel, you can catch carp and carp. Solid varieties of fish chubs, and cheese “take” of acne and Linkov. Next, we consider what types of cheese you can use any fish you catch on this bait, and the most used methods of mounting the bait.

Cheese consistency

Cheese is found today almost everywhere: even on the shelves of the worst of a country store. That’s just to buy a quality product is not as easy as it seems. First-class product made from natural ingredients, and fish on it sensitive. In order not to waste time in vain and come home with an empty bucket, it is best to use for fishing-tested native varieties, or to buy imported cheese products.

Do not use as a nozzle the most hard types of cheese. They will not bring the desired result because:

  • they are difficult to impose on the hook;
  • the fish will be hard to eat a bait.

Varieties with mold for fishing will not do — the fish are not yet familiar taste of these elite products.

As already mentioned, the Chub well reacting to the solid cheese bait for example, cheese “Cheddar”, “Edamer”, etc. From them cut into small cubes (no larger than five millimeters), and if the pieces to cut the corners, we get the similarity of balls. This stick the bait should be so that the tip of the hook protruded from the nozzle to the outside.

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You can catch on the hair snap. Only loosely install the cheese head on the thread very carefully. The sting of the hook, thus, must stuck out. Very often, the lure of the cheese put on the bottom gear, slightly less likely to use feeder rods.

Catch lines for processed cheese and cottage cheese

There is probably no such person who at least once in my life ate the cheese “Druzhba”. Fish, by the way, they also really like. The fishermen were leading the hunt for tench, claimed that this fish is bad reacts to rennet cheese. Slice it in squares, it is also possible to form balls. Thus, it is quite a delicate head, which is successfully used for fishing on the float in a small quiet bays, or in those places on the rivers where the small current. The fact that the bait of processed cheese is not enough clings to the hook and can fly.

Good catch line and a ground rod. In this case, cheese head needs some time to soak in the fresh air to make it weathered and hardened. Some fishermen have your recipe feeding: they rolled the balls together with wool. You can also add slices of processed cheese in solid foods. They turn white on the bottom, his appearance attracting the attention of the line to the target point.

Also good Lin reacts to cheese bait. The curd should be little sour. The extent to which the product must be broken? There is no single answer – it is determined only by experience while fishing. Of course, that such cap is unlikely to stay on the hook, so to the cream cheese to give it strength better add the usual black bread or dough. Some anglers make the cheese-potato mixture. It was viscous, it is better to add a little flour or semolina.

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Soft cheese products

There is another kind of cheese – soft cheese, packaged in plastic jars. He easily smeared on bread, and many people choose to eat only it. This product has been successfully used for float fishing tackle. Cheese bait should add a small amount of cotton wool and flour, and roll out the resulting composition small balls. An aromatic blend to attach is not recommended.

Sometimes the consistency of the cheese product is a very viscous, soft, and not allowing it to securely stick. In this case, a small amount of cheese wound up on the hook as the semolina mash. Such food like roaches, krasnoperka, white bream and other white fish.

A large assortment supermarkets sell sweet curd, which is so like children. Some fishermen mix it with vanilla and bread crumb, and perfectly catch skimmers with krasnoperka.

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