Lures for winter fishing

Winter spinners or lures for winter fishing — in General, the same vertical, only smaller. So often they are loaded (weighted with lead). As the name implies, use them for the sheer predatory fishing from the ice in winter. However sometimes, under certain circumstances, they can be used in open water. Fishing there can be very beneficial when fishing for perch, walleye, small pike from bridges, diversion structures, dams, installed in shallow areas with low flow, on small rivers or ponds. Interesting winter vertical spinners with the location of holes for mounting with fishing line or leash on the rib side, near the center of gravity. Such spinners are called “transverse” spinners, the hallmark of which, among other things, is a very peculiar game.

Of the tubular spinner

Tubular spinners they are made from strips of copper, brass, bronze, steel tubes of different diameters. Despite its small size, this bait is not averse to swallow the pike, Zander, perch and ASP. Pike better takes on large tubular spinner, walleye and perch in the middle, but more thick-walled and Chub prefers the smallest and easiest. Usually when fishing for the most massive use of spinners, while fly fishing in still water or at a small depth it is better to use thin light.

Tubular spinner has a very interesting property: if the line to strengthen the (necessarily via a swivel) to tip the front cut, then when posting a bait is going to play sluggish and hesitate as if reluctantly. If the line to associate with the blunt end of the front slice, the game spinners with the transaction will resemble tossing a frightened fish. When the fishing line is attached in the place where you installed the hook, when a certain speed reeling the bait will rise from the depths in the upper water layer.

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Much more graceful and attractive the game looks tubular composite spinner, made of two or three movably bonded segments.

Moving through the water, especially in the current, she simultaneously picks, and ranges, and meanders.

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