Places where you can catch sturgeon

Since time immemorial people used to catch the sturgeon, because it was and still is considered a delicious fish from those that live in the Russian waters. Czeczuga (as it is called by some fishermen), there is one unique quality — her body has no parasites. This is what makes the fish from the detachment sturgeon coveted trophy.

Habitat sturgeon

Basically, the fish found in middle and Northern latitudes. Though the sturgeon and sea fish, but to spawn, she swims in the rivers that connect the seas. Fish occurs and is caught in the seas:

  • Black.
  • Caspian.
  • The sea of Azov.
  • White.
  • Baltic.
  • However, Chicago can be seen on the expanses of the Volga, Irtysh, Ob, Yenisei, Kuban, and some of the so-called “sterlet” rivers.

    What places prefer sturgeon

    In order to guarantee to catch the fish, you need to choose the right place that is not so simple. These places are passed in secret from one fisherman to another, and sometimes even sold.

    Noticed that fish choose places for themselves on the rivers with a strong current, or stand in the sleeves (ducts). Depending on weather condition, water level on a particular river, time of day, and other factors, chichuga can eat in different places of the reservoir.

    If fishing occurs in neoblubenou location, find long beach, and start catching it. Promising fishing spot is the hole in the reservoir, the exit from it and shallows.

    Be aware that the sturgeon feeds during the day several times, and can catch almost around the clock. As you know, night fishing is prohibited, so let’s talk about fishing in the remaining time of the day, because during those hours they are biting good.

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    In high water the fish is in tihovolya satanico, but catch her on Amateur gear is not possible. Sturgeon prefer a place on the border of the fast and calm water, where it searches for food. Especially good are the seats in the summer. In the autumn Chicago goes into the pits, and they almost never leaves.

    As a rule, when fishing the pits are used two ways of fishing: or caught in the pits, or a short distance from the coastline. Day sterlet runs along the channel of the river, and the fisherman should try to find a place to catch were good. This is not so difficult: it is the place where there is the strong current.

    When you make a throw on the fairway, keep in mind that you’ll need to be in the fairway for at least 15-20 meters, and a sinker must be heavy.

    It happens that chechuga in the morning, goes out for food in the shallows, and there it is also possible to fish, but we need to throw the tackle as accurately as possible. The fact that the fish sailed from the shore at least fifty meters. You can identify where is the starlet on aurally and visually.

    One of the most effective ways is to ask advice from locals. These people know exactly when and where it will be caught a sterlet. If you “split” someone, a good catch is guaranteed. In the case when fishing on the chosen place for a long time not brings results, we can safely change the dislocation.

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    The influence of water level on catch

    Working rule: the higher the level of the water and the hotter the weather, the closer to shore is the sterlet. Hot summer days can be a good fish to catch at a distance of 15-25 meters from the coastline. When the water falls, czeczuga moving away from the shallows and goes to the pit. This happens usually in the fall.

    By the way, in the period of falling water in the reservoirs a starlet ends posledeistvie munchies, and this means that the fish is slipping into the lower reaches of rivers and in the upper parts of rivers are only sedentary individuals. With the beginning of winter, Chicago finally stops for the winter, so leaving river tributaries, and swims to the big rivers, seas. This means that the larger the river the greater the likelihood of a good catch.

    With the onset of cold sterlet flock of summer residents like the large and deep wintering holes where and then go to bed. However, in winter the fish still can be caught, but bite it much worse. During this period, Chicago eats almost nothing and does not respond to the bait. Catch her only networks and samolovama poachers.

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