Pontoon21 Wobbler Minnow Dexter

New Wobbler from Pontoon21 can be described with the words “super-dynamic stability”. But the reverse – “ultra dynamics” will also be correct.

Dexter Minnow has such a favorable combination of shape and volume of the body with location and mass of balancing weights, which no doubt will become a significant novelty of the season 2015. Ogruzka internal variable, so you can get a different weight but the same is working bait.

Currently offers two versions of Dexter Minnow:

Dexter X-71S-SR

The sinking version has the best working qualities on uneven transaction (twitching, stop&go, etc.). It is particularly interesting that this model begins to sink, while maintaining the horizontal position of the body and energetically vibrating from right to left relative to the longitudinal axis, not only during breaks, but even just by slowing the speed of the transaction. Game immersion is immediately, she is active and attractive – a fact noted by many experts, who tested the sample is still under development. It is clear that this feature opens new perspectives in animating the bait.


Body length: 71 mm;
Weight: 9.6 g (when equipped with VMC treble hooks ST36BC #10. Note: Dexter Minnow allows you to use snap tees of different sizes);
Working depth: 0,8–1,8 m (depending on conditions and ways of posting);
Type: sinking.

Dexter Minnow 71SP-SR

Version with neutral buoyancy (suspend) is very simple and effective in use. Demonstrates an energetic game that is a combination of the same active rolling and wobbling (rolling & wobbling).

Widely torn on the dash wiring. At the same time, alternating between the frequency and strength of jerks, you can achieve a variety of pictures of the game. During a pause expressive shakes.

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Is specially designed goods used in the sinking version, in the “cargo camera” Dexter Floating with neutral buoyancy is placed 4 metal balls (2 in each). The motion of the crank, these balls can be shifted by a fraction of a millimeter, and makes a lightweight low-frequency sound.


Body length: 71 mm;
Weight: 6.8 g (about 3 g lighter sinking version);
Working depth: 0.2–1.6 m;
Type: neutral buoyancy.

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