Recommended equipment for feeder

A large number of fishermen prefer to sit on the waterfront with a fishing rod, contemplating the beauty of nature. This opportunity provides the feeder. Feeder tackle was invented in England, so sometimes you can hear another name — English Donka.

Many fishing enthusiasts, especially without proper experience of feeder fishing, get in specialized stores standard rods, but not all and not always they work. The fact is that for good results it is necessary to consider many factors, such as the features of a particular reservoir, their own abilities. Self-assembled and fully equipped with a feeder rod capable of bringing a good catch.

Choose catchability bait for feeder

Mistake novice fishermen that they in order to save try to buy cheap models of the core rods (telescope, spinning). This is wrong. The tackle is assembled based on them, will turn into a normal ground rod with a bell.

Classic feeder should have a special system, where the length of Blanca hard, and the tip is extremely flexible. In this tip lies the main secret of good feeder rods.

Selection criteria feeder

The efficiency of feeder tackle directly depend on the conditions of fishing. In small enclosed bodies of water better to use a short rod with a length of not more than 3.3 m. the performance test choose in the range from twenty to forty grams.

If we are talking about fishing on large reservoirs and large rivers, the fishing rod needs to be longer, from 3.6 m. Here the crucial role played by long casts, because it often happens that the perspective point is at a distance of 70-100 meters. Test scores are also much higher than the previous – from sixty to one hundred twenty grams.

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If you choose, pay close attention to quivertip (in the configuration must be stock for different types of feeders).

Select the coil

This element is selected when the rod is already purchased. Many fishermen bundle their forms spinning spools in the range from 2000 to 3000 (for light rods) and 4000 for heavy sticks. The gear ratio should be in the range of 4.6:1 and 5.5:1. The clutch should work well, and for catching carp and carp requires the bait runner.

Fishing line

Typically, the feeder fishing often fit twist. She has enough reserves of strength, does not stretch. However, it has drawbacks: as it is sensitive, then the piece holds a delicate fish with the occasional gatherings.

Some fidelity together with braided fishing line equip your rod with a rubber shock absorber. The range of diameters woods ranges: 0.1-0.14 mm braided fishing line, 0.2-0.3 mm for mono, respectively.

How to choose a bird feeder

The presence of this element of the snap and turns an ordinary bait into the feeder. Unfortunately, bird feeders often get lost when making casts, so in the Arsenal of every seasoned fidelista must be stock feeders of different type, weight and configuration. They pick up in the following way:

  • If fishing is on rivers with a rapid current, it is better to choose the model in triangles or squares.
  • When fishing in standing water, you can use any model.
  • Naturally, the more mixture you want to put in the trough, the greater must be its volume. At initial sacarme do you need to mount the maximum size design that will quickly provide food spot in the selected location.

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    After nakormleny, large structures are replaced with smaller models to keep the interest of fish to the location of the bait.

    When choosing weight the crucial factor here is the rate of flow and distance of throw. If you are fishing at a private pond, it is enough for the weight of the model 30-40 grams, and when fishing on the river the weight of the trough is increased to 120 grams.

    Hook and leash

    When you select the hook you need to pay attention to what the bait will be used, and the size of the object of fishing. For example, bloodworms easier to stick a small sharp hook of thin wire, and worms, it is better to put the bait on the snap with the long forend.

    For leash need to take monolescu of nylon or fluorocarbon. Its thickness should be approximately equal to the thickness of the main line. Choose the length you need so that if the fish are biting, but there are many gatherings, it is necessary to increase the amount of fishing line on a leash. Conversely, if the fish deeply swallowed the hook, the leash need to make it shorter. In General, the length of the leash can vary from thirty centimeters to one meter.

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