What is a fishing tackle of sasazuka and her how to fish? The majority of fishers has an idea of gear with the name “Seine” for someone to cry is the most favorite tackle.

Fishing on zavozhu

Sasazuka tackle similar to Seine nets, but catches it from the bottom, unlike the latter. Fishing on zavozhu interesting as the tackle is very efficient. Is set to tackle both on the rivers and water bodies without currents. The device fabrication and the tackle is simple, it does not require expensive materials.

How to make zavozhu

How to make zavozhu? To do this, take a nylon cord with a diameter of 5mm and a length of 25-30 meters on the sides make loops for attaching accessory cord.

Auxiliary cords necessary for securing cargo (cargo) or attachment to the butting on the shore, their length depends on the location of production equipment. If coast are shallow, one cord should be longer to the main cord sanosuke was in the best fishing place. For 2-3 meters to the main cord it installs the cargo with the opposite side also, but is longer than 3 meters to do.

On the main cord sanosuke with an interval of 2-3 meters wound two plates of lead as weights, with the distance between them is 15-20 mm and compress with pliers. Between the weights on the cord set with carabiner leash with a hook. For fishing in reservoirs without current, on-leash set sinker to the bait fish were near the bottom and not wrapped around cord reeling in his leash.

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On the rivers the tackle is good for fishing as predatory, and conventional fish. For a predator it is better to use leashes with braided fishing line, metal leashes due to their rigidity prevent the bait fish to play and to look attractive. It is worth remembering that you cannot use more than 10 hooks, as it would be poaching.

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