Sinkers to tackle, how to choose the right weight and shape

Significantly affects the success of fishing correctly matched equipment of the fisherman. Sinker is one of the important parts of tackle. Competent selected sinkers depends on the accuracy, casting distance. In the case of currents on the fishing spot it will help keep gear in the right place and keep the line in tension. Sinker also helps to keep the nozzle at the selected point.

Material for making sinkers

Popular material for their manufacture ogruzka is tungsten and lead, which have high levels of specific weight. Sinkers of lead can be soft or hard depending on the added weight of antimony. For example lead sinkers of the batteries will be solid because of the higher content of lead, sinkers made of lead sheath electric cable will be softer and more plastic. I want to note that with soft lead sinkers are easier to produce with a stamp or tool.

With a solid lead sinkers it is reasonable to cast into molds. Please note that too hard, can injure the fishing line, rubbing it in the process of fishing. But the sinker can slide, if made of too soft material.
Sinkers made from tungsten is usually hard. Should be correctly set BB from this material, to avoid the spiral wrap fishing line or giving unsuitable tackle. The advantage of such loads is small size with sufficient weight.

Sinker what shape is better

Method and place of fishing is due, how to choose the weights in weight and shape. The main forms of sinkers today are: drop, olive, pellet and cylinder.

The cylindrical form is not often used. The cylinder is light enough and has a slit in it lengthwise. There may be two types: a cylinder and half.
Olives and drops to produce quite easily. For casting used forms from two halves. Then fill them with liquid alloy and allowed to cool. In the manufacturing process usually form a fastening, sticking mortgages for the formation of holes or rods.

The simplest and cheapest type of sinkers is considered the bullet, the shape is close to the ball with perfect form. Mainly used for precision shipping. A pellet, with a maximum weight of no more than 3 grams, perfectly centered, if the operation of the cross-section production is made correctly, exactly in the center and in excess of the radius. To fix it insert the line into the slit and firmly clamp it.

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There are two main groups that share weights. This stationary sinkers, which are fixedly mounted to the fishing line and sliding from 5 to 20g., which move freely through it. Cylinder and pellets can be categorized as standard sinkers, and olives and drops are performed in both types.

How to pick up sinkers for tackle weight

The choice of the weight of the sinker will depend on the size of the float and fishing line. Wrong, for example, to use a heavy sinker on a thin fishing line. If the sinker is chosen correctly, the float should not drown completely, and only one-third.

The correct weight you can determine when you are pulling the line and immediately dropping it, feel how it touched the bottom. The method of addition and the decrease of the weight of the sinkers you will achieve that the float would be float as needed.

Fixed sinkers are purchased in specialized stores, have a room, knowing which you will be able to determine its mass. You should pay attention to the alloy from which it is made, because the same size sinkers can be different by weight.

How to attach sinkers to fishing line tackle

There are two types of mounting: with holes or with the help of the web. For casting to the far and medium distances it is better to use rod mounts, they are better aligned, so overlap happens a lot less. If you don’t know how to attach sinkers to fishing rods on the fishing line, use the usual way: insert in the slit in the sinker line and squeeze, but not too much. Pressing plummet, increasing the likelihood of rupture of the line, when awake to pull the fish. The distance between the hook and the sinker usually is 20 cm.

That would sinkers neither overwhelmed each other, to properly arrange them. Concentrated, distributed and combined – principal location shipped. Snap for fishing at great depth and rapid flow prefer concentrated mind distributing evenly to the fishing line sinkers.

A distributed view of the location implies an increase in the weight closest to the float. Use in shallow water and a calm current. The combined arrangement is the use of the olives in the middle of the descent and then evenly distributed weights.

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If the leash is entangled it is better to replace it. Empirically, moving sinkers to the fishing line necessary to find the optimal location and save it to spare leashes.

Storage place in the special box with individual cells for different weight loads. Each section can be labelled with an indicator weight. This way you simplify your design process a snap.

Classification shipped by weight

Conventionally, all weights for all the fishing gear can be divided into four groups: light, medium, heavy and special.
Light sinkers weighing up to 20 g are usually used in float fishing and some other ways of fishing.
Average sinkers weighing from 20 g to 80 g are used during fishing light market, using different ways to bait the hook, to snap some lightweight lures.
Heavy sinkers weighing up to 200-300 g are used for the equipment market, when fly fishing in rivers with heavy current.
Special sinkers are easy — from 1 g to 20 g, and heavy — up to 100 g. But in any case they represent a device that performs both functions weights and other pieces of gear: sinker-bobber, sinker-hook, sinker-spoon, etc.

In fact sinkers are necessary gear for any method of fishing, with the exception that classic of fly fishing. But in practice, quite often their functions are performed or a hook, or a heavy head or a heavy spoon. The optimal shape of the sinkers is streamlined, though sometimes under the terms of the fishing desirable other options. Methods of mounting loads can be very diverse, but all this will be discussed in the respective chapters. Now consider some variants of application loaded in the traditional spinning tackle.

They are often used when fly fishing spinning reel retractable. This is understandable, because the easy blazenko no extra shipping such gear will not be abandoned. But when using a spinning reel the sinker may be required, for example when it is necessary to increase casting distance or to accelerate the immersion of the bait in the water (especially running water) .

Based on the conditions of fishing gear, weight of lure building fishing rods, you can use sinkers weighing from 5 g to 150 g And each spinner must have a set of different weights that may be needed at any time. Form does not matter, but better if they are eccentric. In other words, their center of gravity must be below the attachment point to the fishing line. This form provides a stable position of the sinker keeps the line from twisting when you post.

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Sometimes the spinning is used for more detail — stabilizer anticancer). Usually it is placed between the leash and the main line and is used instead of sinkers when fishing light spinners. This stabilizer is made of tin or lead in the shape of a plate which prevents twisting of the fishing line when posting bait.

Mount the fishing line more ogruzka, it is wrong to assume that the it is harder the farther you can throw the bait. This can be done only if you have rigid rod — flexible spinning rod far casting will not work. On the contrary, when the rod is soft, and the spinner of light, the weight of the sinkers you will need to reduce.

When the bait is light enough, the sinker-head is placed in front of her at a distance of 10 -15 cm or in the attachment point of the leash from the main line, in the 50-80 cm from the spinner. Such fastening in the first case facilitates casting bait, but it degrades and increases the likelihood of a hook for the unevenness of the bottom. In the second case, the “game” of the bait remains virtually intact, but when casting a lead with a spoon sometimes salesthese the line.

Or not to use additional ogruzka, it is necessary to decide the angler directly to the pond. But many experienced anglers believe that the use of additional sinkers and the stabilizer is undesirable. These items are located ahead of bait, sometimes called the empty grip of a predator, and when fishing from the bottom increase the probability of a hook, sinker especially when equipped with another hook.

You can combine artificial bait with a small weight is possible only in cases, when using spinners. Then a small sinker is mounted directly on the rod spinner. It is necessary to secure it so that it does not interfere with the free rotation of the petal in a wide variety of transaction rates and angles of attack, otherwise the spoon will lose his “game” and will cease to be efficient.

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