Snap-in spinners

With all the richness of choice and diversity of color palette, which as it turned out, not so important, good spinners a bit. And those that are suitable are expensive and many anglers could not afford. And they tend to cling to various underwater objects and to break away or, at best, break. To buy a new lure after every dead ball expensive. But from surviving parts from a number of different baits you can score one completely fit the spinner, the game its not inferior to the best samples. You can do by yourself to mount a completely new bait that meets the specific conditions and needs of the angler. It’s a fun, creative, warming the heart of a true angler long winter evenings, when the first torrents of spring yet Oh how far. But more about that later, now let’s look at some of the features of snap lures and options for their configuration.

All rigging turntables rests on an elastic steel wire, its diameter proportional to select from the tab size, it varies from 0.3 to 1.3 mm. the bigger the petal, the thicker should be the wire to snap or in other words, for the manufacture of the rod, otherwise the wire will bend. To petal is easier to rotate around its axis and for longitudinal displacement on the rod, use round beads or small rings. End sleeves — tube , the segments of insulation of different colors, you can apply to decorate the lures. Rod is doing with the pliers and wire cutters. For the web is better if it is made of stainless steel wire.

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The technology of manufacturing homemade lures

The technology of making homemade baits is not difficult. In order to do this, take the whole piece (coil) wire from his bite and cut with enough length to bend a loop. One end of the rod bend a loop and wrap around the ring with pliers. At one end of the rod bent loop-hook and then use pliers to break the ring. Further, the tip of the loop tight bend to the rod and fasten the hook. On top of the pull rod PVC sleeve or metal tube. She strung beads 1-2, after the spoon with a curved barbel. In last turn put on his bead and twist.

Snap-in rotating spinners can another, with her at the lobe not bent lug, and is threaded on the rod through the loop — clamp. The figure shows one of these clamps. With such a snap rotation of the petal spinners will be free, the spinner will start without any additional acceleration, in a very quiet transaction. Beads can be made of tin, plastic or glass. As a substitute of beads you can use rings or a spiral made of thin wire that can be twisted on the needle soft wire. The best beads to snap out of glass. Hook or tee should be selected according to the size of the petal blesny it needs to be neither large not small. Many people think the width of the tee should not be less than the width of the petal is wrong.

When the tee between the stings, the distance is increased, deteriorating the game is petal and spinners in General. Optimal lobe is considered to be the width of the tee is equal to two-thirds the width of the petal blesny. If the spinner is equipped with cargo in the front part, that is predpolojenie, weight, and volume should be proportional to the size of the petal. The increase of mass and volume of the load will cause the petal to adhere to the rod. To prevent sahrastani at the time of casting the connection, pull-on tee is better to cover the nipple or a plastic tube.

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Vehicle vibrating and spinning spinners

Spoon lures are equipped with much simpler. The important thing here is proper selection of tee, clockwork rings and swivel. For the convenience of fastening the clockwork rings, spinners thicker than 1.5 mm should be bevelled and the edges of the holes.

Will not be correct if install clockwork ring large size, it is necessary to observe proportionality with the spinner and install a tee. Sticking to all moving elements of equipment on the web is not acceptable. After Assembly, between them, should ensure free longitudinal displacement. Equipment tee spinners like turntables and kolebalki red wool or tufts of loose nylon thread enhances their efficiency. Masking the hook, it’s probably pointless: hardly saw him, fish will be aware of the fatal purpose of this part a snap, but the extra red bar will make the lure more visible, especially at depth. Over time, novice anglers with the accumulation of experience can do to remodel or make homemade spinners for a start you can practice on fishing 3 — 4 view of the factory lures.

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