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If the inertia reel is designed for casting relatively heavy lures, spinning allow anglers to use as an ultralight (1 g) and very heavy (500-800 g) bait. In contrast to the inertia reel while casting a lure from spinning the spool is stationary and the weight of the spinner is determined mainly by rod and line.

The device of the spinning reel allows the fishing line is pulled with a fixed spool, mounted along the axis of the rod, and its motion is directed and to some extent regulate the throughput of the ring. With smooth outer edge of the spool does not slow down the line, allows it to slide almost seamlessly. Dropping the line stops immediately after touching the bait water. Therefore, the entanglement of the fishing line on it happens very rarely. Spinning reels can be of three types: open, semi-closed, closed. The principle of their operation is the same, only different structural features.

Open coil or open spool, consists of legs, the hull, the skirt of the spool and the spool, laccolites and handles. Typically, the skirt and the spool is one piece. The coil head is the best among all other coils. The device is a high-precision mechanism with a fairly complex device, simple and easy to use. Design features contribute to long balls with the lightest lures. Angler is so accustomed to it that the use of the other reels he has no desire. Some coils are of open type equipped with spool type “LONG CAST” (“far casting”). They have an elongated conical shape and low front rail. Using such a spool, it is possible to make extremely long casts of 100-150m or more.

Truly the coil starts to operate only when podmanivaya line. First, there is a return line bale. in the operating position. A slight turn of the handle in the direction of winding includes pruinosity mechanism, and open for casting arc with a slight click into place. If this line is inside the arc and at the slightest tension moves it into the chute roller line bale. Then begins the process of winding. Thanks to the gear-screw transmission knob are actuated and the rotor of the line bale and spool. And one turn of the handle, the rotor rotates from 3 to 7 and more momentum. Rotating the rotor spool for a spool of fishing line, sending it through the roller of the line bale. At the same time the spool makes a rhythmic reciprocating motion, thereby contributing to the uniform location of the fishing line around the drum. Until recently, the most unreliable part isolative mechanism was considered Razina spring. So is winding fishing line spinning reel.

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Guaranteed period of operation amounted to 1000-2000 casts. But just 3-4 years ago there were coils in which Razina spring is replaced by an ordinary, constricting, allowing the service life of the return node has increased tenfold. Here, truly, everything new is well forgotten old. Now all of the coils, supplied with a new spring bar return mechanism is the designation “LLS” (lohglifesystem). In addition, current models of coils include at least six additional systems. The most important of these are system protivotankovaya fishing line (antitwistsystem, or ATS) and anti-vibration system (antivibrosystem, or AYS).

Anti-vibration system is represented by a special balancing devices located in the handle and the rotor of the line bale. The presence of beams provides a smooth operation of rotating parts, to prevent run-out and thus increases the reliability of the whole coil. System protivotankovaya scaffold — a special design of arc and line bale roller, on which the fishing line does not slip, and rolled. Due to this, it spiraled reduced by 40-50 %, and the lifetime is increased by almost half. Of the essential parts spinning reel should certainly mention the friction brake, the regulating force of the winding line from the spool at the closed position of the line bale.

With it, you can pre-set the desired for the scaffold load. For example, if the spool is wound fishing line with a test of the gap of 3 kg, the brake should be adjusted to the load to 2.5 kg, so that the rotation of the spool and spooling fishing line on the load until the tensile strength of fishing line. That will protect the line when playing a fish weighing more than 2.5 kg from gap, as it will be run before the fish is not tired to resist. So, friction brake allows you to catch a fish, the weight of which exceeds several times the maximum load used fishing line.

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Disk friction brake may be located either on the rear end of the gearbox or front the front side of the spool. The front brake more convenient. There are currently a large number of models and modifications of open coils. Depending on the diameter of the lines fitted to the coil, they are divided into four groups:
1 MICRO 100 m of 0.12-0.17 mm.
2. “LITTLE” — 100 m 0,18-0,23 mm.
3. “MEDDIUM” —100 m 0,24-0,30 mm.
4. “BIG” — 100 m more than 0.30 mm.

According to the gear ratio “bezynertsionnoj” are divided into low speed from 1:3.2 to 1:4.5 and high speed from 1:4.6 to 1:6,5.

Case open spinning reels are made mostly of lightweight metal alloys. However, if we take into account metal “filling”, coil weight, especially large ones, is provided with at least three steel bearings, becomes burdensome for easy composite rods. Therefore, in the mid-nineties Arsenal of spinning was replenished with a new coil of extruded graphite. And some manufacturers have gone further, replacing all or at least part of the traditional friction bearings, pre-treating of their special molecular lubricant. Graphite coil is more than two times lighter and cheaper metal of the same size. But they are, unfortunately, quite fragile, and to cope with this drawback does not help even a heavy-duty varnish. For this reason, the spool of such reels do steel or plastic. The best is still considered a spool of thin high-strength steel and produced by stamping.

Modern spinning reel open type is considered to be almost the perfect device. Almost — because there is not yet a model that could completely prevent twisting of the line. However, frequent casts and reeling, even coils with antisaccade system scaffold her so much spin that after a while becomes unfit for fishing. And to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should periodically promote. To make it more convenient and easiest way on the river, together with the most intensive current. First, the end of the fishing line released from lures and sinkers and open line bale allow it to freely split on for the entire length. Then the fishing line wound slowly, holding fingers, thereby adjusting its tension.

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