What kind of fishing is better: morning or evening

When discussing this age-old question, the fishermen were divided into two groups. One of them says that the best bite is observed in the morning, others say that there is nothing better than evening fishing. Let’s discuss it in the article.

There is no single answer to the question about efficiency, after all, the determining factor is how active the fish are biting. But each fish has their own taste preferences, habits. And not unimportant factor is the fluctuation of atmospheric pressure » Read more

What kind of leash is better

All fishing tackle is provided with a leash. Being both a continuation and completion of the main line, it connects it to the lure or hook. Not equipped with a leash tackle anglers call “deaf”. In this title captured a hint of inferiority, inferiority bespozvonochnoe tackle.
The leash is really important, and sometimes mandatory detail. Performing a fuse function, it saves the basic scaffold of the gap in the toe, when playing big and lively fish. Helps to keep the lure from the pike’s » Read more

What is the drill for fishing better

With the onset of the winter season among the fishermen all the more urgent becomes the question of the purchase of the ice. Someone has an old drill for winter fishing, and he wants to replace it with a newer model, and someone will buy the first copy. Since this thing is quite expensive, you want to choose the drill that will serve You reliably for a long service, many years of winter fishing. How to choose and what is the drill for fishing better?

Among the fundamental » Read more

What bait is better

Homemade spinners and other fishing lures made by fishermen themselves in demand, along with the factory, but what lure is better one or the other, that is the question. And now more. Many at this time, there are movies and TV shows about fishing, which show a different brand of spinning lures and how they perfectly caught fish. Shootings occur at these ponds, where the fish is caught well almost all, to put it conditionally on a bare hook or even a tree leaf instead of a spinner. In Fact, » Read more

Barbel — a fish that is better to avoid

Russian waters are famous for rich fish fauna. There are a multitude of peaceful white fish, there are predators, but there are, among others, and fish that can be better handled very carefully, because you need to know how to cook them. These include moustache – a typical representative of the carp family. Below is said a few words about his lifestyle, features, food.

The names and habitat

Beetles live mainly in the Baltic, the Caspian and the Atlantic seas, is also found in Belarus, the » Read more