And that summer to catch bream, crucian, carp and roach?

Fishing, it is for everyone. One likes to sit on the money for a folding high chair throwing a fishing rod into the pond and peacefully admiring the play of water, given to philosophical thoughts. For another, fishing is a real hunting, passion, competition for the biggest catch. But those and other, ready for fishing, needs to know what kind of fish what kind of bait will bite and what it is actually catching.

The most important thing to start with the purpose of production, this will » Read more

How to catch bream in the winter

Winter fishing for bream is different from the summer a more sophisticated way of fishing, and the choice of gear should be treated more carefully. First we need to know how to catch bream in the winter, and then to prepare for it. Winter makes big bream to be in deep water areas. Broke they come out for food, that’s where they were much easier to catch. Fishing for bream in winter, the bait you prepare at home. It consists of a combined cereal and dry food with the » Read more

What tips prefers large bream

Many fishermen caught their first bream on a piece of bread or maggots. But, if you want to catch really big fish, you have to use a more dense packing (so say the fishers-experts). In this article, we will discuss working effectively bream bait.

Among fishermen, a survey was conducted, on what bait they catch big bream. According to many of them, the best bait is a worm. Maggots steadily take the second place, although for a draught of captured specimens maggots unlikely to be fit. On » Read more

Choosing the right gear for catching bream, feeder and snap rods

Bream is a coveted trophy of many fishermen. This fish can be caught in different ways, but increasing recognition of the people wins bottom feeder tackle. In this article you will learn about some of the nuances of the use of feeder tooling, the habitats of bream, peculiarities of the installation gear.

Prepare feeder tackle and snap with the arrival of spring, but begin to hunt for bream better before spawning. This period takes place on different waters at different times, but as a rule, » Read more