Catching crucian carp in May – tackle and tactics

May is the month most prized among avid anglers. It is in May that nature finally blooms and departs from the winter aftertaste. This month, many species of fish are actively manifesting themselves, including crucian carp. Fishing for crucian carp in May takes a special place in the heart of every experienced fisherman. There are legends about the lively crucian

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Catching carp in winter: choosing tackle and bait

Earlier, when winters were really harsh, it was believed that carp was not caught at this time of year. But bites began to occur more and more often, and fishermen thought about purposeful fishing from the ice for this strong and beautiful fish. They learned how to find her on the pond, select effective baits and enjoy the struggle with

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Fishing for crucian carp in summer – tackle and bait

Crucian carp is the most popular fish on fishing! This fish lives in almost every body of water, because crucian carp is considered an unpretentious fish. Fishing for crucian carp in summer involves the use of various gear, whether it be: a float rod, or a donka or a feeder. Manure worm, semolina, bread, dough are often used as a

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