Catching carp in winter: choosing tackle and bait

Earlier, when winters were really harsh, it was believed that carp was not caught at this time of year. But bites began to occur more and more often, and fishermen thought about purposeful fishing from the ice for this strong and beautiful fish. They learned how to find her on the pond, select effective baits and enjoy the struggle with

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Tackle for catching crucian carp – rating of the best

Crucian carp is the most common and unpretentious inhabitant of our reservoirs. It is from him that the boys begin to get acquainted with the intricacies of fishing. But this does not mean that it is of interest only to beginner amateur anglers. Seasoned fishermen will also not refuse to catch several weighty beauties, especially in hot summer, when other

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Catching asp – the most effective ways

Asp is a worthy opponent not only for the novice angler, but also for the pros. Catching a specimen weighing per kilogram is considered a great success. To pull such a trophy ashore, you will have to “sweat” a lot, because it always offers desperate resistance. But first, the cautious and quick-witted Sharesper (second name) must be found and deceived.

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