Tips for choosing offset hook and ways of fixing attachments

Sometimes fishing takes place in very difficult conditions: in snags in the middle of trostnikov, grassy bottom pits etc. And the success of such fishing as a whole will depend on the correct selection of gear and accessories. A greater role played by fishing hooks. Many fishermen in the difficult conditions of fishing use “avseniki”.

Offset hooks. The purpose of their use

In common, these snap elements are called “otsenkami”, but these hooks have a more official name – “Offset Nook”, which » Read more

Choosing the right gear for catching bream, feeder and snap rods

Bream is a coveted trophy of many fishermen. This fish can be caught in different ways, but increasing recognition of the people wins bottom feeder tackle. In this article you will learn about some of the nuances of the use of feeder tooling, the habitats of bream, peculiarities of the installation gear.

Prepare feeder tackle and snap with the arrival of spring, but begin to hunt for bream better before spawning. This period takes place on different waters at different times, but as a rule, » Read more

Choosing the best fishing rod spinning

No need to rush to buy fishing rod spinning, it must first properly choose for the following method. How to do it?

To take and to bring the spinning to a working state. To collect it, hold it in hand to appreciate the balance and weight of the rod, comfort handle. If chosen in this way tackle immediately “grip”, you will have the desire to work it. Do not deny yourself this. Pull a few times, spinning from one side to the other, wave simulating a throw.

What listen — a » Read more