Recommended equipment for feeder

A large number of fishermen prefer to sit on the waterfront with a fishing rod, contemplating the beauty of nature. This opportunity provides the feeder. Feeder tackle was invented in England, so sometimes you can hear another name — English Donka.

Many fishing enthusiasts, especially without proper experience of feeder fishing, get in specialized stores standard rods, but not all and not always they work. The fact is that for good results it is necessary to consider many factors, such as » Read more

Fishing equipment

The clothing of the fisherman can be very diverse. It is important that it be light, not constraining movements angler and painted in a protective, soft colors.

Linen in warm seasons desirable canvas, it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Of knitted underwear can recommend a chlorine, are particularly useful for those suffering from neurological diseases. In cold weather it is best wool underwear tight-knit.

In summer, over the bra, good to wear cotton shirt khaki turn-down collar and » Read more