Fly-fishing with tandem flies

September — start time trophy fishing. This is the most exciting time for the angler, including fly-fishers. Most welcome to catch fish at this time are large predators. They begin to actively fatten up before the long winter, so it’s time to offer them their flies. However, even now the predator is not always without regard chasing the whitebait. There are moments when he lazily lying under a snag, or standing in the reeds, or just, like, Chub, defiantly defile beneath the surface of the » Read more

Fishing flies and streamers

Among anglers flyfishing streamer fishing is considered the “fishing big”. On streamers or floaters are guaranteed a good catch. Such flies is the result of imagination and manual labor. Successful anglers experimenters who regularly knit fly, always looking for unique methods and solutions, continuously adding new materials in popular species of flies. Therefore, streamers, have the same names, although they look all similar, but differ in the game. And it’s good! After all, Pisces does » Read more

Flies for fishing

The name “artificial fly” is a collective term for a whole variety of types of artificial lures associated of various materials on a fishing hook. There are flies that stick to the surface of the water (throw using a floating fly and a thin cord of the leash), and flies, floating or pulled up under water.

At last you can catch and floating and sinking nahlystovymi cord, and floating line with sinking tip. Accordingly, the artificial flies are divided into floating (dry) flies, sinking » Read more