Floats for fish and the proper choice of float

That means proper selection of the float and generally what are floats for fishing gear with rods. The float is probably the main fishing accessory, adorning the covers of most fishing magazines. Therefore, selection of floats you need in all seriousness, not sparing any time for the selection of great quality sporting goods. If you grab the first float, you then have to wonder why not caught a fish, or make recommendations on the selection and then enjoy the catch, make a choice that best… » Read more

How to assemble float tackle for carp

Carp — fish common. Catch it on different platforms, but one of the most popular has been and remains a float rod. With its help, the fisherman can effectively sh in a pond, and quick to respond in the event of a bite. About choosing the right tackle and rigging will be discussed below.

Most suited for carp fishing poles. But, in order to catch pleased, you need to know how to complement.

After purchasing the fishing rod be sure to look at their tip — there should be a connector. » Read more

How to attach the bait float

How to attach the bait float? This question, especially for beginners in fishing, it seems complicated is that the floats are mostly sold without kembrikom for fastening to a fishing line.

The attachment of the floats to a dull snap

The easiest way of fastening — regular cambricum or selected according to the size of the keel of the float to the fishing line passed in with a slight interference fit. Fishing line threaded down through the top ring of the float and is attached to one or » Read more

How to float fasten a snap to the rod?

Modern centrifugal telescopic fishing rod carbon available on the market without elements for fastener snap. At the same time we want to attach a fishing line to the rod tip with a quick change to another. Agree that in the absence of the necessary improvements, this procedure takes a lot of time. There are some simple ways secure attachment of the fishing line with a float snap on the rod allowing you to quickly mount the float snap-in before fishing and take off after fishing, and also for a » Read more

Fishing for tench in autumn on the float rod

In October to catch tench simple, you need only not be afraid of the dark. Many will probably be interested in this phrase “do not be afraid of the dark”. This suggests that in autumn, in the afternoon, Lin is impossible to fish due to too light water, so you have to catch the late evening. Lin revolves around the reeds and in a big kelp forest and in places where a lot of silt. The main campsites are close to the shore.

Come fishing before nightfall, and directly catch to start as » Read more

How to ship a float

Most of the fishermen began their journey from the fishing with a float rod in my childhood. As a rule, the rod was made, and the float is made of a stylus. Now in specialized stores selling professional models, which differ significantly from the previous from my childhood. But that the fishing had been very effective, you need the right tackle to ship. Let’s talk about it.

How to make the right choice

Floats can be different: good or not. Experienced fishermen-poplavochnikov able to » Read more

What is a water filled float, and how to catch such tackle

More and more people seek to escape from the hustle and bustle and sit with a fishing rod on the nature. And as the population’s interest in fishing increases, manufacturers of fishing products supply markets for the latest items of tackle and accessories. One such innovation is water-filled float (the ball).

What is this water-filled float

The device, called a water filled float, or ball, intended for delivery to the place of fishing lures of various mild. Ball diameter 3.0-3.5 cm consists » Read more

The ways to catch catfish on Kwok, a ground rod, live bait, spinning, zakidushku, float

Fishing for catfish on Kwok, the oldest and the most effective way to catch this river giant. Besides, Quoc can attract only him and no other fish species will not interfere. The best time for this kind of fishing is from late may to mid-September.

What is Kwok

Kwok is a curved stick with a flat snout at the end. Before Kwok was only wooden, but now this device is for hunting catfish made from the most modern materials, often made of aluminum. Tools of this material are durable and » Read more