Fishing for bream in the summer with a float rod

Arriving at the reservoir, you immediately need to decide on the fishing point where the fishing rod will be constantly thrown. To do this, it is advisable to pre-measure the depth in the selected area before fishing, noting the smallest indentations and the nature of the bottom, this can be done using a portable wireless echo sounder with a sensor,

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Fishing for crucian carp with a float rod – the right choice of equipment

Fishing for crucian carp with a float rod has always been considered the most effective among anglers, especially in June, July and August. It is easy to use, does not require long and careful preparation, like a donkey with a feeder. You can throw a float just a couple of minutes after arriving at the pond, and its lightness and

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Floats for fish and the proper choice of float

That means proper selection of the float and generally what are floats for fishing gear with rods. The float is probably the main fishing accessory, adorning the covers of most fishing magazines. Therefore, selection of floats you need in all seriousness, not sparing any time for the selection of great quality sporting goods. If you grab the first float, you

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