Fishing on good hooks

Carp Fishing rod with a float or ground rod for carp is always better if you to choose the best hooks, as this will reduce the number of retirements and improve cutting. Experienced fishermen carp set up gear like a violin make the calculation on all the little things, and tied the most good carp hooks. First, consider the size of the hooks. A few years ago I used the hooks to just three sizes: № 2, 4 and 6. Of them No. 2 and 4 are used when fishing on a 20-millimeter Boyle or » Read more

Hooks for tackle

Fishing tackle without hook — it’s just a fun trinket. The rod, reel, line, and sinker, and float are needed only in order for it to better fulfill its mission. There are, however, two or three ways of fishing fish without it, but it is rather a curious exception. The hook performs several functions. First, it is necessary to catch the fish and to deprive it of the possibility to be during playing. Second, the hook serves to hold the nozzle. Thirdly, in terms of angling, it can serve as a » Read more