Becoming the Squirrel: Hunters vs. Vegans on Social Media 

Maybe hunters and vegetarians — and even vegans — aren’t all that different?  Biologist, explorer, and filmmaker Donnie Vincent raised this question in a recent chat he had with Evan Hafer on the Free Range American podcast. “I don’t like the ‘hunters versus vegans’ or ‘hunters versus vegetarians’ thing. I don’t think those two dichotomies of people are even related

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Meet Morgan Mason, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers New Armed Forces Initiative Coordinator

Morgan Mason has done a lot. The Kansas farmboy went overseas for the invasion of Iraq as an intelligence analyst with the US Army. After returning home, he bummed around the Rocky Mountains — and Baja, Mexico — hopping between various outdoor jobs. He guided whitewater and flyfishing. As a specialist for Colorado Kayak Supply he helped make the standup

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How the Hunter Recruitment Project Recruits New (Adult) Hunters

Have you wanted to get into hunting but didn’t have anyone to take you growing up? Did you hunt a few times in your early years with friends and family but became overwhelmed by the unending number of questions, such as What camouflage do I buy? Do I need a treestand? Where do I put it? Shotgun, rifle, or bow?

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