Lures what color to fish

What color best received by fish, this article is about. To lure the fish with light emanating from the lure, consider what color he is and what kind of fish you are interested in. On the basis of fishing practices in the use of glowing lures can be concluded that the most effective glow green for marine fish and yellowish for the river. Although heavily used, and trains with blue, purple, red, pink, and other luminous colors. The deeper you fish, the more likely that it will be of » Read more

Lures for winter fishing

Winter spinners or lures for winter fishing — in General, the same vertical, only smaller. So often they are loaded (weighted with lead). As the name implies, use them for the sheer predatory fishing from the ice in winter. However sometimes, under certain circumstances, they can be used in open water. Fishing there can be very beneficial when fishing for perch, walleye, small pike from bridges, diversion structures, dams, installed in shallow areas with low flow, on small rivers or » Read more