Sinkers to tackle, how to choose the right weight and shape

Significantly affects the success of fishing correctly matched equipment of the fisherman. Sinker is one of the important parts of tackle. Competent selected sinkers depends on the accuracy, casting distance. In the case of currents on the fishing spot it will help keep gear in the right place and keep the line in tension. Sinker also helps to keep the nozzle at the selected point.

Material for making sinkers

Popular material for their manufacture ogruzka is tungsten and lead, which have » Read more

Choosing the right gear for catching bream, feeder and snap rods

Bream is a coveted trophy of many fishermen. This fish can be caught in different ways, but increasing recognition of the people wins bottom feeder tackle. In this article you will learn about some of the nuances of the use of feeder tooling, the habitats of bream, peculiarities of the installation gear.

Prepare feeder tackle and snap with the arrival of spring, but begin to hunt for bream better before spawning. This period takes place on different waters at different times, but as a rule, » Read more