Fish rocker

What is the balancer for fishing? This is a lure for the steep (vertical) method of fishing and winter is the best time of the year for him. In appearance resembles a vertical spinner, but with a difference, this horizontal pendant. The balancer in your device has a lead body and a plastic stabilizer together with the tail of the lure. The stabilizer may be made of plastic, hairs of animal fur or having a synthetic thread. Fishing line attached to the lure over the top of the back, » Read more

What balancer to choose and tackle for the rocker?

How to choose a stabilizer for winter fishing? The question most asked. And like to answer it easily is not, but then there are a lot of nuances. Today varieties of balancers on the market of fishing equipment lot — classic-wings, a large head, and chain and tassel… But if you do the first steps, it is better to start with an easy one.

The length of the balancer. In our conditions, the optimal linear size perches balancer — 40-50 mm. I, it means the distance from the exit of the nose » Read more