This Hunter Did a DIY Public Land .410 Turkey Slam in the First 2 Weeks of Turkey Season

Seth Gebo wasn’t planning to pull off one of the hardest things in turkey hunting. He connected with an Osceola in Florida on a buddy hunt a few days into the season. Then the lightbulb went off. With some last-minute plane tickets and a few hundred bucks in rental cars, he could pull off a DIY public-land season for the

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Catching burbot from the shore in open water season

Burbot differs from other freshwater fish not only externally, but also by way of life. Only some anglers catch it purposefully, and the rest do not even try to do it. The reasons are different. Some do not know anything about him, they consider him the most mysterious inhabitant of reservoirs. Others call it a slippery snake that doesn’t look

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