Snap-in spinners

With all the richness of choice and diversity of color palette, which as it turned out, not so important, good spinners a bit. And those that are suitable are expensive and many anglers could not afford. And they tend to cling to various underwater objects and to break away or, at best, break. To buy a new lure after every dead ball expensive. But from surviving parts from a number of different baits you can score one completely fit the spinner, the game its not inferior to the best samples. » Read more

Combined spinners

After managed to stabilize and improve the hydrodynamics of spinners, the opportunity to use the advantages of lures of different types, combining them into one. So a completely new, hitherto unknown group of artificial lures — spinners combined Developers combined spinners, creating them came, obviously, from these considerations: spinner game petal creates, of course, a certain range of fluctuations, but it moves only in a straight line, at best — at the speed of the trajectory. » Read more

Make spinners improvised

Throughout the long winter, anglers have dreamed that quickly came their time, and that’s true — the season of summer fishing is open. Now you can get from the hidden places their stocks of summer gear. Some of them were purchased long before the time of fishing, and some made their own. In this article you will learn about the manufacture from scrap materials and with a minimum of effort different baits for spinning.

No secret that experienced fishermen can make artificial bait in almost » Read more