Spoons Williams for Chub and perch

I prey on the Chub and ASP with artificial baits for more than twenty years. In the late nineties in the box with the baits was mostly crankbaits. Sometimes met with spinners: Myran different models, Daiwa Silver Creek, Panther Martin — we used them for very long casts or fishing up stream. When it was required to sh in a deep hole or steep side of the river opposite the point of the cast, had to pick up a “chopper” who knows how to seduce a predator in the fall, rotating the petal when » Read more

Spoons in ice fishing

Imagine what a surprise it was that first fisherman, who suddenly decided one day to try the classic vibrating lure when ice fishing. That led him to this: not biting that day on other lures, or maybe just curiosity or even hopelessness, because nothing else at hand was not? Nevertheless, the fact remains — fluctuating blesna firmly took the place in boxes not only anglers, but also anglers winter roads. Certainly attempts to use the seemingly non-traditional for a particular time of year » Read more