Carp in the spring. When, where and what to catch carp

The many negative reviews about fishing for carp in the spring, perplexed. Because at this time there is a chance to admire the rather large specimens, to demonstrate proficiency and confirm the proud title of fisherman.

But what about passion? After all, the whole point is the ability to find a way to catch the most elusive. Some fans, generally follow the principle “catch interesting when others despaired of”.

But, despite the contradictory opinion, for those who want to compete » Read more

Grayling fishing in the spring

Those who have already caught trout, we know that grayling has similar habits. It rarely exceeds a weight of 1 kg and well caught in the spring. Moreover, it can be found only in clean rivers where the bottom is very hard and the water is saturated with oxygen.

After spawning in March-April, grayling begins to feed actively. He prefers a variety of bugs, insects and flies. Therefore, using the simulated past, you can try spinning to catch fish. By the way, if you want to look for it in » Read more

Features carp fishing in the winter and spring

What need bait for carp fishing in the early spring, what to catch carp in the winter?

The process of carp fishing in the spring and winter are very different from each other. If one tactic and bait for fishing in the spring and lead to better results, too, the winter will be completely useless. However, caught a big carp in the winter time of year is a special trophy and a sign of an experienced angler-carpatica.

Features carp fishing in winter

Every kabatnik should be aware that the » Read more