Fishing for crucian carp in spring – the secrets of good fishing

Crucian carp is not familiar with our calendar, so spring for it does not begin on March 1, but from the moment the water warms up to 6-7 degrees. It is at this temperature that he finally wakes up, begins to actively recuperate after winter and take the baits offered by the fishermen, during this period, active fishing for crucian

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Fishing for bream in the spring on a feeder

In anticipation of the long-awaited open water fishing, breammen are among the first to put their gear on alert. Fishing for bream in spring begins as soon as the reservoirs open. At first, its bite is unstable and many anglers are often left with nothing, but as the temperature rises, this fish’s appetite improves. The closer to spawning, the better

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Catching zander in spring – features of search and tackle

After the opening of reservoirs, predatory fish, including pike perch, are activated. However, not all anglers are in a hurry to catch it, considering this activity unpromising. The fanged is a really complex predator capable of showing character. This is especially evident when fishing for zander in spring, when summer tactics at great depths do not work at all. Without

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