Firefly tackle for fishing

In order not to miss the bite at night invented many different devices and detectors, greatly facilitating the work of the fisherman. Today we talk about gear, which is called Firefly. Many users in it like:

  • easy to manufacture;
  • the cost is the lowest;
  • it is easy to use.

What kind of tackle

Fishing Firefly is a kind of “flashlight”, which is attached to the antenna of the float or the feeder. Models differ on hull form, length, thickness, and can work in different periods. » Read more

Fishing for roach with picerno tackle

Roaches in small ponds — fish, the most suitable for catching the picker. It is possible to catch a match or a simple float rod. However, in strong crosswind to use light floats almost impossible. A long, heavy, but stable in the wind baggery when casting in shallow water, knocking almost at the very bottom of the reservoir. What do you do to manage fishing for roach with Mr. picker?

Leash with a float snap-in “nailing” a bullet to the bottom? But it is when fishing for wary of » Read more

Hooks for tackle

Fishing tackle without hook — it’s just a fun trinket. The rod, reel, line, and sinker, and float are needed only in order for it to better fulfill its mission. There are, however, two or three ways of fishing fish without it, but it is rather a curious exception. The hook performs several functions. First, it is necessary to catch the fish and to deprive it of the possibility to be during playing. Second, the hook serves to hold the nozzle. Thirdly, in terms of angling, it can serve as a » Read more

What balancer to choose and tackle for the rocker?

How to choose a stabilizer for winter fishing? The question most asked. And like to answer it easily is not, but then there are a lot of nuances. Today varieties of balancers on the market of fishing equipment lot — classic-wings, a large head, and chain and tassel… But if you do the first steps, it is better to start with an easy one.

The length of the balancer. In our conditions, the optimal linear size perches balancer — 40-50 mm. I, it means the distance from the exit of the nose » Read more

How to assemble float tackle for carp

Carp — fish common. Catch it on different platforms, but one of the most popular has been and remains a float rod. With its help, the fisherman can effectively sh in a pond, and quick to respond in the event of a bite. About choosing the right tackle and rigging will be discussed below.

Most suited for carp fishing poles. But, in order to catch pleased, you need to know how to complement.

After purchasing the fishing rod be sure to look at their tip — there should be a connector. » Read more

How to make a rubber band tackle for fishing

Tackle rubber band is very simple, in fact it is zakidushka or Donk, which is between the sinker and the main line, which is attached to leashes, installed fishing line and rubber cord.
According to the rules of fishing on the fishing tackle for more than 10 hooks per person is allowed, it should be considered to not be mistaken for poachers. To make the tackle gum You will need:
— the line from 0.5 to 0.8 mm, with the expectation of a big fish;
— fishing line for leads from 0.18 » Read more

All about tackle the “killer carp”

Many anglers who spetsializiruyutsya on the fishing ground tackle, popular fishing tackle with a terrible name “killer carp”. So it was named due to the unprecedented successful results in Karaseva fishing. And this name is fully justified, because the use of such devices have fish don’t have a single chance. By the way, except carp on the Donk and caught nice carp.

What is the “killer carp”

This tackle has no relation to sport fishing, and is mounted mainly on the feeder rod. But unlike the » Read more

How to choose tackle for fishing from a boat

Hunting fish from a boat has many advantages compared to fishing from the shore. The chances of a big catch increase considerably, because:

  • you can swim to the catchability place with open water;
  • there is a great opportunity to come to anchor, and sh not available with the Bank;
  • it is easier to make an accurate pass.

In addition, there are reservoirs where the shoreline fish to catch is almost impossible.

Fishing from a boat

While on Board a watercraft, you can use a variety » Read more

Sinkers to tackle, how to choose the right weight and shape

Significantly affects the success of fishing correctly matched equipment of the fisherman. Sinker is one of the important parts of tackle. Competent selected sinkers depends on the accuracy, casting distance. In the case of currents on the fishing spot it will help keep gear in the right place and keep the line in tension. Sinker also helps to keep the nozzle at the selected point.

Material for making sinkers

Popular material for their manufacture ogruzka is tungsten and lead, which have » Read more

What is a water filled float, and how to catch such tackle

More and more people seek to escape from the hustle and bustle and sit with a fishing rod on the nature. And as the population’s interest in fishing increases, manufacturers of fishing products supply markets for the latest items of tackle and accessories. One such innovation is water-filled float (the ball).

What is this water-filled float

The device, called a water filled float, or ball, intended for delivery to the place of fishing lures of various mild. Ball diameter 3.0-3.5 cm consists » Read more

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