Types of feeders. Their use

Good results showed in the fishing feeder tackle. One of the most important components is the trough. What model to choose, what to pay attention to when buying, will be discussed below.

The feeders are intended primarily for delivery of feeding in the point of fishing. That is why, be sure to look at the aerodynamic properties of the model. This is very important when making distance shootouts (at a distance of more than fifty meters from the shoreline).

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What types of carp are they?

Carp are the most popular fish in the fishing sport. The uniqueness of carp is it hard phishing, cunning, voracity. Homeland carp in the Caspian sea basin. According to the legend spread throughout Europe by the Romans. All Karpov inherent qualities such as endurance, strength and the ability to adapt to different environmental conditions.

Carp, actually, warm-water fish, however, he feels fine and eats in the range of 10°C and above. Optimal for carp of about 25°C. Karp comes in 5 main » Read more