Winter Storm Uri Devastates Texas Exotic Wildlife and Fish Numbers

Winter storm Uri has dealt a devastating blow to coastal fisheries and exotic game species in Texas, and with only preliminary reports and anecdotal data currently available, officials say it will take months to fully understand the scale of this unprecedented fish and wildlife kill.  Uri blanketed Texas with ice, snow, and subzero temperatures not seen in the Lone Star

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Catching carp in winter: choosing tackle and bait

Earlier, when winters were really harsh, it was believed that carp was not caught at this time of year. But bites began to occur more and more often, and fishermen thought about purposeful fishing from the ice for this strong and beautiful fish. They learned how to find her on the pond, select effective baits and enjoy the struggle with

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Fishing for roach in winter

In winter, most fish species are not particularly active, and some generally hibernate until spring. This is especially evident in January-February, or, as fishermen say in the wilderness. A difficult time for both fish and anglers comes when the oxygen level in the water drops significantly. In such conditions, underwater inhabitants almost completely stop, stop eating, and do not pay

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