Fishing for roach in winter

In winter, most fish species are not particularly active, and some generally hibernate until spring. This is especially evident in January-February, or, as fishermen say in the wilderness. A difficult time for both fish and anglers comes when the oxygen level in the water drops significantly. In such conditions, underwater inhabitants almost completely stop, stop eating, and do not pay

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Catching burbot in winter – where to look and what to bite on

Burbot is the most unusual representative of the ichthyofauna. It differs from other types of fish not only in appearance, but also in the way of life. In good weather, almost all underwater inhabitants are active, but he does not manifest himself in any way. But in bad weather, when, not just fishing, you don’t want to go out into

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Fishing for carp in winter – features of fishing on the pond

Avid carp anglers cover their tackle in late autumn and wait for the arrival of spring to enjoy their favorite fishing again. It has always been believed that carp, like its close relative, the crucian carp, sleeps in cold weather. But it was like that before, and today the winters are not the same. They became so “soft” that it

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