Fishing Wobbler with blade and without blade

Contrary to popular belief, lures as artificial bait was used in the thirties. Just then they were called “wooden fish”, and they looked not so, as now. Later, when they were made of sheet copper and tin, they are called “arena” and used them while trolling. And only in the sixties, when the bait is spread among canadian and American anglers, it acquired its present name. The word Wobbler (wobble) means “to sway, to oscillate, to shake, to stagger, to totter”. All of these verbs in General is » Read more

Catching pike on a Wobbler

In addition to lures, many anglers – anglers when pike are actively using Wobbler. Most often, the pike is offended active game of bait with slow reeling. To catch it better on a small floating wobblers with a diving depth up to 5 meters. After casting Wobbler at first slowly deepened, and then begin a smooth retrieve. In order to lure as a long time went to the proper depth, you should squeeze the tip of the rod closer to the water. When fishing on a floating Wobbler, this should be done » Read more

Pontoon21 Wobbler Minnow Dexter

New Wobbler from Pontoon21 can be described with the words “super-dynamic stability”. But the reverse – “ultra dynamics” will also be correct.

Dexter Minnow has such a favorable combination of shape and volume of the body with location and mass of balancing weights, which no doubt will become a significant novelty of the season 2015. Ogruzka internal variable, so you can get a different weight but the same is working bait.

Currently offers two versions of Dexter Minnow: » Read more