Folk prescription worms with seeds

All fishermen in the village were surprised: no one had a peck and one old man always came home with a heavy fish cages. Thought it was because of the huge fishing experience, but it was all very simple — he used a catchability bait, made by people’s recipes. And this bait — worms from seeds. It is time to uncover an ancient recipe.

Let’s start

Fill almost to the top Cup roasted sunflower seeds. Scrolling them through a meat grinder or a coffee grinder (pour small portions to » Read more

Worms — the best delicacy for any fish

Even with the children, many people remember that one of the most popular, and almost always running lures is the most common worm, which caught almost every freshwater fish. But not all people are familiar with the varieties of worms, where they should look for, and what kind of fish can you catch on a bait. Then try to figure it out.

So, let’s start:

The most common nozzle are earthworms. To dig up good worms to live by:

  • the size of the hook;
  • the size of the alleged object of » Read more