Technique of performing far casting spinning reel

If you went fishing on the big pond, definitely have to make long casts. Note that for any a fishing rod has its own fishing technique, which will depend on the order blank, and its length. To throw one more will be optimized with soft casts, another, on the contrary, sharp. If a fisherman uses a particular tackle, then he should try to develop a style of casting that works effectively under different conditions.

Guided by the wind

When you have to send the gear over long distances, note that the force of the wind can greatly affect the accuracy of the flight gear:

  • In a crosswind will increase the windage of the line and the throw will not be as accurate.
  • The wind blowing from behind, or counter-flow of air will reduce the chances of a successful casting of the bait.
  • When implementing long-distance shots, make sure you observe safety precautions. This is especially true in cases where several people are in cramped conditions. Often there are times when the fishermen had “caught” each other for clothes, or even put a hook in the exposed areas of the body. Sometimes spinning can catch himself.

    How to throw a tackle

    On the throw significantly affect: the structure of the rod, its elasticity, the indicators of mass and length, the weight of the bait and the thickness of the twine. Many fishermen cherish their rods, but only at high-speed and powerful stroke can be forced fully open laid to tackle potential.

    However, you need to work with the rod carefully so as not to prematurely break it. Before making the throw carefully study the maximum value of the test. Sometimes the threshold is as specified on the label, but sometimes that is markedly different from him. Only by constantly practicing you can pick up a real test of the value of the rod.

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    The main ways of making distant casts

    Let’s talk about methods which make long range shots using a spinning reel:

  • Prepare before throwing a rod. Release the handle of laccolites, and let the bait nearly the full length of the stick. The bait glide throw forward, and then unfold the sides, and from behind abruptly sent her to the goal. A significant drawback of this method is the low accuracy of the cast.
  • As in the first case, open lesoukladyvatelya, but the bait is dispensed only to the level of the coil. Smoothly attach the bait back, and execute an accurate throw. At the same time, along with hands moves, and the body of a fisherman.
  • Free line bale, release the lure the full length of the rods. Raise the spinning over your head so that the crank gear was pointing at the intended point. Lean on your front foot, and the body is tiltable sideways and backwards. At the same time with two hands and the body send the bait to the planned place. This technique allows to obtain the most accurate and long casts.
  • Proper selection of gear

    The choice of the rod. To throw was successful, you need to choose an efficiently operating form with a good test, build and length. Practice shows that the length of the stick must be between 2.7 m and above. The longer the rod, the farther thrown the tackle. Every extra half-meter of your fishing rod will bring you more than twenty meters of range message.

    Test choose from medium-fast to medium and slow. It is desirable that the rod was equipped with large capacity rings — they will not interfere with the free movement of the line.

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    Coil. Choose instantaneous model coils having large dimensions, and from which fishing line is wound efficiently. This way, you will get rid of different hooks and beards. It is very important that the drum was wound a lot of fishing line.

    Choose the line. Fishing line should be thin and durable – this will allow you to send the gear over long distances. It is best proved in the work of the network of small cross section. It is advisable to buy fishing line tighter so soft cords often form a beard, which is very unpleasant.

    Selection of goods and baits. Significantly affects a good long range casting the correct choice of cargo and bait. Baits should be small (e.g., pilkery), and loads better to use a streamlined or teardrop shape.

    You can ignore all of the above, if You have a “gun” like in the video below:

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