The correct tackle for carp

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Very difficult to navigate in the quantities of equipment, auxiliary tools, which are present in the market in different fishing stores.
The question is not as simple as it seems. Every angler, going fishing, put different goals for the achievement of which requires different equipment.To tell all, without which the fishermen-carpatica do not think any fishing you need to write a whole article. In a brief reply to make it virtually not possible.
If we are talking about the minimum set of gear and accessories, without which fishing for carp sports method is in principle not possible, in its composition, in my opinion, should include the following components: at least
one fully equipped karpovoe a fishing-rod, two racks for setting, audible and visual annunciators to bite the butt of the rod holder.
To equip the fishing rod we will need a reel with large capacity spool, fishing line diameter 0.30-0.35 mm (thinner fishing line to use for beginners I would not recommend), solider (cut monofilament or braided fishing line with a length of 8-10 meters, which prevents breakage of the main line on the cast), protivogerpetical (cut the tube or ledcor length not less than half a meter), a set of weights of different shapes and weight, and various elements for making leashes and tools (hooks, driver material, vertucci,
safe clip, silicone tubes, barrels, bumpers, etc.). In addition, for the manufacture of the snap-ins you need a special needle with Velcro and superglue. Well, another item without which to go to carp fishing, not is protection for the index finger, which you will hold the line when casting. For this purpose you go on a special napalechniki and gloves. In an extreme case, and bend the last phalanx of a finger with a band-aid otherwise you risk getting a serious injury and to end the fishing expedition not starting it.

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